Brace for Ego
Let's try blogging. First, some rules…

Well, hello there. Honestly, I don’t think I deserve a blog. The idea came to me during an experiment I tried earlier this summer. For the first half hour of every morning, to help myself wake up, I wrote a thousand words at the computer. The ultimate aim was to become a more articulate person. At the very least, my goal was to minimize the amount of time I practice telling stories and riffs in the shower so I can focus more on showering. Clearly, my main objective was cleanliness.

What this morning blogging turned into was declassified, inauthentic, gibberish-soaked griping. I was usually too tired to remember what I had already written about, and I cared far too less to refine anything. Basically, I didn’t want to leave several million words, written in private, all complaining about internet explorer or how hard it is to open up a macbook air.

I’ve always hated bloggers. The first thing I think of when I hit a new blog is “Why do you think you deserve a blog?” Admit it, you have asked that of me at every paragraph break so far. Hopefully I can win back some of your trust, knowing that I have had these thoughts too. And so, brace for ego.

I do have rules, you know. I’m not advertising on Facebook. I’m not spending an entire weekend on the theme of my wordpress layout or trying to get it to show up on google when you type my first and last name. I’m aiming for what I was before with my dumb little morning write-a-thon experiment – with the added subtle accountability of a possible reader.

From your point of view, it’s a list of wins. Now, I can’t get away with saying the same thing to four different people throughout the day, trusting they won’t sync up and realize I am kind of a phony when it comes to talking points (and it’s not just one thing to four of you – during a good week, I feel like it’s dozens of things to - well - all of you ). Additionally, in case I accidentally amuse you, feel free to pass the yarn on as one of your own. I still have a lot of penance to pay for during the year I discovered Demetri Martin a year before everyone else in my high school.

So that’s a blog entry. Apart from the acid reflux, that didn’t hurt so bad.

Date: 2013-06-17 Mon 00:00

Author: Alex Recker

Created: 2018-11-12 Mon 07:35