Six pages into my high school journal and I have already proven Islam wrong. Join me and high school Alex as we discuss pride.

May I help you to some more high school Alex ramblings?

Which is the worst of sins?

The Koran says it’s stealing. Stealing a man’s right to life is murder. Stealing a man’s right to truth is lying. Stealing a man’s wife is adultery. Stealing a man’s property is stealing.

CS Lewis would say pride. Here is the predicament:


The greatest sin is that which breaks the greatest law. We know the greatest law

… wait a second…

To love God is the opposite of pride. To love your neighbor is the opposite of stealing. CS Lewis was right!


A person’s heart is shaped by their theology

Two options: you can follow God’s law or man’s law

Sin is putting man’s law above God’s (i.e., pride)

A prideful theology is one of self-love

QED: The greatest sin is pride

We are going to do our best to figure out what we just read. I had to stare at some of these ‘pictures’ for several minutes before I could start typing. I’m going to confess, I’m still not totally sure what the hell I’m talking about.

As a teen, I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about my life. I’ll go ahead and needlessly point out that this feeling was ridiculous, since I really didn’t do a whole lot. Even though I did nothing but study, eat, listen in class, and play video games for about an hour a night, I carried around the same kind of guilt an ex con would.

If you couldn’t tell, pride was a big deal for me. Ironically, this introspection passed breezily by all my arrogant pseudo-genius ramblings and took serious issue with talking too much . One wise crack in class - even if the teacher really did appreciate it - triggered weeks of contrition and regret for my ‘foolishness’.

Also, I guess I read the Koran. Don’t worry, I always kept a Bible nearby, almost as if I were playing with propane and it were a fire exstinguisher. Don’t get me wrong - in between all the silly inflated observations I made, I am grateful for those few and rare times I actually learned something on my own. If my study of the Koran was legitemate, I remember that Islam insists that the worst sin imaginable is stealing (for the reasons I listed). That’s one way to look at it, I guess.

Or not. I guess I just went on to prove it wrong somehow…

I also went on to prove CS Lewis right. Take that, Islam. I’m going to assume that one of you has already took it upon yourselves to call Christianity Today and tell them the good news. Now I can’t really say any of these thoughts were original. Like most of my musings, it was just a recycled lecture from my philosophy class minced with bizarre wordplay.

I’d also like to point out my tendency to draw diagrams when diagrams were not needed. I lived pretty much my whole life believing myself to be a visual person. This is why my failure in Art class and affinity for grammar class always perplexed me. But I was convinced I had great ideas for diagrams. These ‘diagrams’ were just sentences with a few lines connecting words. It turns out I don’t have a visual bone in my body.


Figure 2: A gracious visual aid to help you through the ‘love my neighbor/hate my neighbor’ dilemma

The greatest sin is pride . Sure, why not. I a tremendous need to pick one type of sin and call it the greatest , especially if you are going to go about defending it like I did.

Only on page 6. Consider your that your last appetizer, reader. Next time, I dish out some real mind-blowing stuff.

Date: 2014-11-09 Sun 00:00

Author: Alex Recker

Created: 2018-11-12 Mon 07:37