Tuesday, July 2 2019

party, dumplings, and blogging

Dear Journal,

I had such a productive day yesterday. Nothing feels as good as putting together a to-do list and actually finishing it before the day is done. We're in full party planning mode for Rodney's birthday this weekend. I think we'll have fewer people this year, but something tells me it will still be a really good time. Smaller parties can be more fun - certainly for me, as that would mean I just do less floating around.

Yesterday, I also tooled around with my new blog format a bit more. I arrived at a template I like. Now it's just a matter of writing something that will parse journal entries. My plan was to write an external program in python or something, but I'm having a hard time finding an org mode parsing library in anything other than elisp worth its salt. The options out there are pretty dismal. So it's looking like I'm just going to have to put my big boy pants on and figure out how to do the filtering and templating all from elisp. I was looking to just get this thing out the door and start using it, but little adventures in elisp are fun too. Mostly, I'm looking forward to the added challenge of writing public journal entries. As I may have mentioned before, not all of them will be published - only those I tag "public", just in case I need to rant or I'm just not writing coherently that morning.

Today is a pretty big cooking day. I'm going to be packing our cooler for concert on the square tomorrow, provided my veggie dumplings work out. This will be the first recipe I've tried from the famous "peaceful cuisine" YouTube channel. Will it be as uneventful and serene as the video? Time will tell, but the recipe is so simple, it's hard to imagine what could go wrong. Maybe the dumplings will explode once I drop them in hot water. Maybe since they just have cabbage, onion, and mushroom in them, they won't be filling and we'll run out of them immediately. Or maybe they'll taste wonderful, and they'll join the ranks my tried and true recipes, earning the coveted "vegetarian" tag - that's a very exclusive group.

Well, with the few minutes I have left this morning, I'm going to take another wack at a blog function. Let's have a great Tuesday!