Wednesday, July 10 2019

cooking, babish, wednesdays, and concert on the square

Dear Journal,

Yesterday was very productive. I think I finally got the catch-up day that I needed. In the morning I beefed up the first few weeks of planned work for the summer interns, then I made an agenda for our first meeting. I went for a quick trot around the square and picked up some food from a food cart. It was a new one that I have never tried - a food card called "braisen hussies" or something like that. I brought the braised pork rice bowl back to my desk. It was pretty good, the black beans and rice were really tasty, and it even had little bits of pork rinds sprinkled throughout. While I ate my lunch, I watched some recipe videos to plan dinner and pick something to make for Wednesday's concert on the square.

At first, I was thinking about making Babish's Chicken Quesadillas. I made them once before, and although they were a little involved, they turned out pretty good. But half way through the watching the video again, it was starting to look like a poor choice for Tuesday night. It's a solid recipe, but cutting and marinating chicken, frying the chicken, dicing and sauteeing vegetables, assembling the quesadillas, and then finally frying the quesadillas sounded like too much work for a weekday, especially since I had another meal to cook afterwards. In the end, I decided to just toss some cod fillets in breadcrumbs and fry them for dinner. For concert on the square, I had a fun idea to make vegetarian crunchwrap supremes. They have this meatless chorizo made from soy that looks (and tastes) a lot like ground beef, and getting vegetarian refried beans is just a matter of finding a can without lard listed in the ingredients. I set out all the ingredients, including the meatless chorizo which I jazzed up with some taco seasoning and olive oil, and Marissa formed them into little tortilla polygons while I made some guac.

After carefully setting the tower of crunchwrap supremes in the fridge, we settled in on the couch to knock out another episode of Stranger Things. We watched the second to last episode, and as expected, there were some more odd choices in the plot line that had us really scratching our heads. I'll also add that there are some serious pacing issues - for being the second to last episode in the season, things got really slow all of the sudden.

Today, I'm working from home. This will be my last work-from-home Wednesday in a while, so I'll be sure to savor this one and get a lot of work done. Marissa has agility class this morning, so it's just me and the Rod man hanging out. After she gets back, we're going to walk to Glass Nickel for lunch and a beer. Usually after lunch on Wednesdays, Marissa and Rodney take a nap on the couch and I finish the workday while playing a movie in the background. Today, I'm feeling Mad Max: Fury Road. Seriously, that's a movie that I feel like watching any time, any day. At some point in the afternoon before we leave for concert on the square, I have to fry those little tortilla polygons in butter. And maybe eat one. As - you know - quality assurance. What kind of lunatic would bring food to share without tasting it first?

So that's Wednesday. I can't believe the week is already half over. Here's to a fast week and a slow weekend. OK team, let's have a Wednesday!