Monday, July 15 2019

work, busy, hotsauce, and productive

Dear Journal,

Last weekend was great. It was filled with good food, good family time, and a lot of relaxation. Kalahari was a success, and I really enjoyed grilling this weekend. Oh, and I even got some time to code yesterday while Rodney took a nap.

I'm glad I got some good relaxation time in, because frankly this week at work is going to be a crazy. Today, the summer interns are joining our team, and I'm handing out work to them. I'm also on ticket duty this week, which means I'll be fielding questions in our team's slack channel during the day and on call in the evenings - which isn't terrible, it's just a different kind of work. It's also goals week, which means I'm drafting up my professional goals for the last half of the year and working to get them approved.

So there's a lot going on. I was anticipating the craziness, and I'm actually fine with it. I like having busy weeks like this every now and then, because it just makes the weekend that much more awesome. Plus, the momentum of a busy work week usually makes its way into chores and side projects - as long as I'm hustling at work, I may as well hustle at home.

Ugh. Here's a free tip - never eat hot sauce before bed. Last night, Marissa and I stayed up watching Hot Ones, and I got all excited about hot sauce and decided to eat a big glob of "The Last Dab" on a cracker. I woke up this morning feeling like there was a car battery sitting in my stomach. You know what the scary thing is? I think some hot sauces get even meaner as they continue to sit on the shelf. I don't remember that one being so feisty - especially after it makes it to the stomach. Why do I do these things?

So where was I - ah, the busy work week. To sum up, bring it on. I've got good music to listen to, good coffee to drink, and I just rewrote my Emacs configs over the weekend for peak efficiency.

OK, let's do this! Let's have a productive week.