Saturday, July 20 2019

nazi zombies, lion king, and paposa

Dear Journal,

Happy Saturday! Yesterday, Marissa, Rodney, and I saw the new Lion King movie, and I'm pleased to report it was pretty good. As I've covered before, I'm not especially invested in Disney movies, so the real test is what Marissa and Rodney thought of it - and they loved it. I don't know - I guess I was expecting them to mess with the movie a bit more. They threw in a few new jokes (the Beauty and the Beast reference was hilarious and totally unexpected), but it was clear that Disney knew how important this movie was to people and didn't take any risks with it.

When we got home, Rodney immediately fell asleep as the popcorn coma was starting to set in, and we had a pretty low key evening. Marissa painted, I caught up on chores, then we reconvened at 11 to play Nazi Zombies. For the uninitiated, Nazi Zombies is a mini game in the Call of Duty where you and a buddy cooperatively fight off hoards of Nazi Zombies. There's a bit of strategy involved in defending the windows of the house and gaining points to spend on a random weapon dispenser. But the game has become a real staple in our married home life. We talk about the day, plan things, and reflect on life - all over the dulcet sounds of gunfire and gnashing zombie teeth.

This morning, we just got done eating breakfast. We had some scrambled eggs on toast. Later this morning after I shower, I'm going to take Rodney to the market and pick up stuff to make paposa. It's essentially chuck roast rubbed in garlic and pepper corns and braised in red wine all day. Really, it takes all day to make, so if I get it on the stove around 12:30, that's actually cutting it pretty close. The upside is your house smells like - well - chuck roast braised in red wine all day.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Relax, unwind, and cook something that you would only have time for on a hot, lazy Saturday like today.