Friday, August 2 2019

seinfeld, pizza, and spiderman

Dear Journal,

We made it to Friday! It's a beautiful morning, isn't it? I kicked off my morning routine with a slight variation today. Usually I run a load of dishes, then before I turn in for the night I make coffee for the morning. Last night, I had just finished making tonight's pizza sauce, and the dishwasher was still running. So this morning, instead of letting the coffee machine kick in and lazily browsing reddit in bed, I had to spring up and start the machine myself. I watched an episode of Seinfeld while I waited - the one where George gets a massage from a man and feels uncomfortable about it. George and Jerry discuss how to truly test if you're a homosexual, and the rest of the episode George gets hostile when people unwittingly remind him of his new found insecurity - like when Jerry's dentist friend tries to get George to join him in admiring an oiled, glistening Evander Holyfield on his poster. He's a good fighter and a nice guy, but I don't LIKE him. The undeniable fact that this episode is still funny is a testament to the mastery of Seinfeld. The conversation around sexuality has moved so far past the whole hetero guy anxiously wonders if he's gay trope, it would have to take a genius to land that joke in 2019. And there I was, laughing to it at 6:30 AM in 2019.

Today, Marissa, Rodney, and the puppies are going to an agility trial. It's Ziggy's first official trial in a while, and she's been diligently practicing. After work, I'll arrive at an empty house, with nothing on my TODO list but making a pizza before everyone gets home. I finished the sauce last night, but I'll need to walk to the grocery store and pick up some cheese. Hy-Vee struck out again last night, as they were out of pecorino cheese for the fourth week in a row. They just reorganized their cheese aisle, and I'm starting to wonder if they just stopped carrying certain things all together.

This weekend, there's more agility, but Rodney and I will be staying home. He's started to form food preferences. The other day, Marissa tells me he asked to eat eggs for breakfast. This weekend I'm on a quest to find out what else he likes to eat, and all through out we'll be watching spider-man cartoons. We've depleted our meager stash of 2000's era Spectacular Spider-Man episodes, so we're turning the clock all the way back to 1994 and trying out the original 90's version. And don't you accuse me of letting my own nostalgia dictate my son's preferences - I barely had to try, and the 90's Spider-Man is nothing short of a masterpiece. Except the theme song - the theme song is absolutely garbage. What do kids want to hear on Saturday morning? Unsingable monotone grunge rock, of course.

Have a happy Friday everyone. Today, let's get our work done, then reward our effort with some good TV time. Watch something a little older, maybe?