Monday, August 12 2019

cooking, youtube, and being busy

Dear Journal,

Happy Monday! Fun fact - this is actually the second journal entry I've written this morning. I've spent the last 23 minutes writing, then while thinking about what to write and fiddling with my power cord, I accidentally rebooted my computer without saving anything. Not to worry, I'll just have to bring you back up to speed with the 7 minute version. To sum up, my phone woke me up last night at 4:30 with what I thought was a work page, but just turned out to be a Linked In notification. I also found a new cooking YouTube channel that is 80% solid advice and 20% blog spam that is still worth making fun of. The example I cited was their 4 minute video on "bringing your caprese salad to the next level" which could have just been summarized with "use expensive ingredients". There - I think I'm caught up.

This week should be pretty busy. I'm on ticket duty, and after absolutely crushing it last week our interns are running out of work. So I have to do a bit of a scramble to keep them busy. This Friday is a work picnic, and this weekend the Rod man and I are holding it down on our own while Marissa is at my sister's bridal shower.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday morning. To conclude this brief post, I offer some parting advice: save your work before you touch your power cable.