Saturday, August 31 2019

cops, cars, breakfast, and ribs

Dear Journal,

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday. This morning, I'm coming to you from our dining room computer. Lion King is playing on the TV, Marissa is napping on the couch, and Rodney is burning off all the sugar he ate for breakfast. It's possible I put just a little too much sugar on his Dutch baby this morning. But the sugar rush won't last forever, I'm sure by the end of this entry, he'll be mellowed out.

So last night was pretty action packed. Marissa and I stayed up pretty late to kick off the holiday weekend, and sometime around two in the morning we heard a big crash outside. Peering through the window, we saw somebody had slammed their car into my neighbor's truck, which was parked on the street in front of his house. The guy staggered out and looked pretty flustered. He tried to start the car a few times and dislodge it from the curb, but he ended up just taking all his stuff out of the car and heading down the street on foot. Marissa called the cops, who told us they were already looking for a guy who was driving a stolen car that did a hit and run downtown earlier that night.

Before he fled, I walked down my driveway to try to get a look at his license plate. To be honest with you, I was planning on confronting him. My neighbor has had people hit his car and leave before, and we were pretty peeved it was happening again, and wanted to jump on the opportunity to finally hold somebody responsible. But from the corner of my house, I could see that he was taking the license plate off anyway, then I had second thoughts about getting in his face. Usually, I regret not confronting people about this kind of thing, but after hearing everything from the cops, I'm glad I hung back. He could have been dangerous.

So an eventful Friday night! Marissa stayed up a little later to scope things out, but went to bed not long after me. We'll be glancing at the police ticker all day to see if they ended up getting him.

This morning, I channeled all the adrenaline into making breakfast. I made a pair of Dutch babies, and just for the hell of it, some french toast. After journaling, I'll probably take Rod to the market to pick up stuff to make cornbread. Afterwards, I'm smoking a slab of ribs. I have a good feeling about this batch. The slab is from the Jenny Street market, and there's a lot of meat between the ribs that looks dark and marbled.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Stay sharp out there, and when in doubt, just make breakfast.