Tuesday, September 10 2019

coffee, football, code, and tacos

Dear Journal,

Good morning everyone! It's yet another cozy, drizzly day here in beautiful Madison Wisconsin. This morning's coffee turned out a little better. I thought I had ground the beans a little too finely, but I like the extra kick this morning. Still eagerly waiting for the new coffee machine to get here in the mail, this french press requires way too many decisions in the morning. At this point, I'm kicking myself for not just buying it at target. I'm not sure why ordering it on Amazon felt convenient or more timely. Amazon is great for things that you eventually need - like socks, shoes, and surge protectors. But I should have anticipated how annoying waiting around for a coffee maker would be. I really of think [I] screwed the pooch on this one.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Work was pretty busy, but I made it through my checklist and even had time over lunch for some side missions. Lately I do this thing where alongside my work todo list, I make a list of personal things I'd like to get done over my lunch. Yesterday I emailed a friend, then as silly as it sounds I read up on the Bears' Quarterback Mitch Trubisky. I'm really trying to take football seriously, so each day I'm going to try to bring myself up to speed with something, and with football the QB is probably the best place to start. I didn't realize that Mitch Trubisky was such a new part of the team. We only drafted him in 2017, but according to Wikipedia he really started clicking in last season. The bears made it pretty far into the playoffs, then were eliminated with a heart-breaking missed field goal. I definitely remember that. Marissa and I watched the entire game. We thought the Bears were on their way to the super bowl, so we wanted to jump on the fair weather fan train earlier in the playoffs to make the final more exciting. As a result, we witnessed every painful moment of that last field goal attempt. During that game, I guess I was too preoccupied with the kick to notice how well Mitch played. He's a solid QB, and I'm happy to have him on our side. I'm looking forward to the game this Sunday. It's right in the middle of Rodney's naptime, and football games are a great excuse to hang around the house and cook something a little on the junkfood side. I'm thinking about making some nachos or buffalo wings for the occasion. Today, during my lunch I'm going to read up on our head coach Matt Nagy. I'll peruse his Wikipedia page, then pull on a few internet threads from there.

After work yesterday, I made that asparagus & bacon dutch baby with a side of mushrooms. It was a pretty easy recipe, so Marissa hung out in the kitchen while I worked. It was nice to catch up after a long work day. She had a pretty busy day schlepping paintings up to Minnesota.

The dinner turned out great. It was kind of like a cross between a quiche and a country omelette, but you can't go wrong with crusty cheese, egg, and bacon in cast iron, so that's no surprise.

We put Rodney to bed, then Marissa and I began our quiet hobby night. She painted, and I worked the whole night on the hub. I was hoping to finish up the chores tracker, but I decided to rewrite the whole site from scratch and I just about broke even. It was for the better though, I was over-complicating things and I'm much happier with it now. I'd rather not bore you with the details.

So looking forward, I think we just have a regular Tuesday on our hands. I don't have any leftovers today, so I might indulge in some tacos. Belair has a great \$2 beer & taco special on Tuesday, so you can get a pretty solid lunch and beer for only a couple bucks.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today. Eat tacos and get your work done.