Monday, October 7 2019

cooking, bears, caterpillars, and code

Dear Journal,

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday to you. This morning I feel like I'm coming out of a haze of relaxation, so we must have done a good job winding down from the wedding on Friday. Yesterday Marissa and I finished unpacking the car and putting everything away, and we had plenty of time to get some other regular weekend things done.

Yesterday morning, I got Rod up around 9 and we went to the grocery store. We haven't been in the kitchen all weekend, so I was planning kind of a comeback day. We picked up some bacon, lemons, and everything needed to make dinner. When we got home, he helped me put the groceries away, and he watched cartoons while I fried some bacon and made a Dutch baby.

I cleaned up breakfast and finished emptying the car, knowing I'd probably be glued to the TV starting at noon for the Bear's game. Marisa left around noon with the dogs to go to an agility trial, and Rod and I hung around and watched the game. The Bears played in London yesterday, and what was cool is that even though this was technically a home game for the Raiders, Bears fans outnumbered Raiders fans 10 to 1. But judging by the game, the turnout didn't influence how they played. Our boys played like crap, then they played well, then they played like crap again and we lost by three points.

I guess it could have been worse. Going into the second half, spirits were low and things were starting to look like a blowout. But we rallied, and for one quarter we came back and took the lead, but we gave up a touchdown late in the 4th quarter and that was pretty much our death sentence. As we head into a bye week, I hope Nagy and the team use the extra time bring back a little discipline to our line. Hey at least we'll have Mitch back. We'll see what happens.

As the game was finishing up, I made peposa and a caprisi salad while Rod played outside. He has some days where he's totally content playing by himself, and other days he feels the need to show and tell me about everything as its happening. Yesterday while making dinner, he was really into this caterpillar he found crawling on the deck. He would run into the kitchen with a great sense of urgency asking me to come help him with something, then by the time I got my shoes on and walked outside with him (leaving two or three things on a lit stove mind you), it turned out to be a weird request, like he wanted me to play his toy recorder in front of the caterpillar while he shined a flashlight on it - like it was some kind of weird ritual. Of course I obliged him - purely out of respect for his made-up toddler ritual. I think it was some kind of ancient toddler blessing.

Sip. The coffee is good today. Yesterday at the grocery store I splurged on Collectivo coffee, and I also ran cleaning solution through our coffee maker yesterday. So the combination of fresh, quality beans running through a freshly de-calcified coffee pot is really doing the job this morning.

Ah, I got to work on some side projects yesterday. Last night I was hacking on the chores website. One night with Marissa's help, it occurred to me that logins on a private website were silly, and last night I finally got the time to rip all the authentication out. And while I was under the hood, I also decided to move the data to my NAS, and clean up a number of other bugs, and I guess in the process I committed the cardinal programming sin of changing too much too quickly, and I had to abandon things in a broken state around 11:15 PM. In the meantime, we're just using the honor system, but I'm looking forward to getting that working again.

Marissa and I picked up watching Blade Runner, the original. I'm sorry but the movie is a lot slower than I remember. It's had it's moments obviously, but somehow we still have over an hour to go and it's starting to feel like a chore. Not as much of a chore to watch as Hitch was. Have I told you about how terrible the movie Hitch is?

This week I'm on ticket duty at work, so again gearing up to be very helpful and outgoing all week. I'm also on call, so I'll be hanging around the house in the evenings with my work laptop close by. It will be a good week to catch up on tech projects. I have the changes to our chores website to rollout, then with Marissa's help I'm going to redo the mini upstairs datacenter with the new parts I got for my birthday.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Keep your head down, eat good food, and before you know it, it will be the weekend again.