Sunday, November 10 2019

rochester, coffee, and forager

Dear Journal,

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday. This morning I'm coming to you from my wife's childhood home in Rochester. The four of us are sleeping in her childhood room actually. Rodney is fast asleep in the corner in his small toddler bed, and Marissa beside me. In a few moments, I'll wake her up and we'll hit the road for Madison.

I haven't had my morning coffee yet, so you'll have to excuse me if this entry is a little sleepier than usual. The drink of choice for waking up in the mornings around here is diet coke. I'm tempted to grab one out of the basement fridge for my caffeine fix, but I think I'll hold out for our first stop at Caribou instead.

Yesterday, we left for Rochester in the late morning, after dropping the dogs off at a kennel. Since this was a new place, we got out and took a little tour. We walked through the back where they keep the dogs, and I noticed they were playing The Lion King for them on the TV. That's considerate isn't it? They also gave Rodney a donut. He selected a powdered donut off the plate and proudly carried it back to the car on a napkin. Before we even got on the highway again, it was gone, and Rodney casually handed his wadded up napkin to mom, leaving no evidence behind other than the dusting of powdered sugar on his face.

I listened to podcasts while the rest of the family dozed off. We picked up lunch at Culver's along the way. We arrived into town in the early afternoon, which gave us some time to hang around the house, and for Rodney to get some playing time in. Mimi broke out his 'roller coaster', which is a long plastic hilly track and a little car he can sit on and ride down. Rodney quickly remembered how to set the car, climb the little stairs, and kick off with his feet. As Rodney played, we caught up with the family. The whole family was home for the weekend, and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone.

Marissa and I left to set up her gallery at Forager around five. They led us back into a cozy room with a bar and some tables. Her paintings were hung on the wall. She laughed and fixed a painting that was hung up side down. I guess people forget that these things are meant to be hung a certain way.

Friends, family, and curious art patrons trickled in as Marissa and I nibbled on some firewood pizza. She sold two paintings right off the wall.

We stayed through dinner, and Rodney went how with his grandma and grandpa a little early so he could get to bed. Marissa and I hung out with Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mike. By Sarah's recommendation, I ordered the pomegranate juicy sour beer. The deep murky candy purple colored got my curiosity and I had to try it. It was tart, complex, and a little girly. I felt like it would have been complete with a little umbrella coming out the top.

Marissa and I went home around 10:30. We wanted to get some good sleep, knowing we'd hit the road around 8. And speaking of which, this will probably be a shorter entry today. Hey - I did what I could, and I think 500-600 words with no coffee is pretty respectable. We need to pick up the dogs at a certain time, and as an added benefit that means we'll also make it home in time for the Bears game.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Wear something comfortable and sit on the couch, and maybe watch the Bears play the Lions.