Monday, December 21 2020

the flaming omelette, rodneys tower, and organizing toys

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Dear Journal,

Good morning, everyone. Happy Monday, and welcome to Christmas week. I've got a touch of indigestion today. This morning's theme would have to be homemade desserts and regret. While dropping off presents to the family this weekend, all three houses sent us home with delicious snacks to eat. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if my family didn't have such good taste in snacks. Temptations abound, and these days I have a hard time heading up to bed without first helping myself to a giant wedge of Sarah's chocolate bobka or Kelly's red velvet jingle balls. And on top of everything, we're still working through Marissa's leftover cookies. Self control is in short supply these days. But then again, what good is self control around Christmas. It's been one hell of a year, and why shouldn't we get it and eat our cake too?

Sip. What desserts do you unconsciously cram in your mouth as you go about your day? Do you like to eat everything that once, or do you like to spread out the gluttony throughout the week? And how is your Monday going?

I'm feeling good today. It helps that we have a short work week ahead of us. The virtual office is closed on Thursday and Friday, and most of my team has taken off for the holidays. Between the production change freeze and the junk time between business quarters, it's shaping up to be a quiet week. So to make the most of it, I had better pick a fun project in the realm of personal productivity to work on. My JIRA HUD could use some love, I have some org mode capture templates burning a hole in my pocket, and if things get really quiet I could always pick some new colors for my Google calendar. The potential for fun, heads-down, cozy kind of work abounds.

And with that, I'll transition to reflecting on our long, happy weekend. The big adventure happened on Saturday, of course, but there were lots of things in between worth mentioning. For instance, there was this flaming dessert omelette.