Thursday, December 31 2020

the 2020 awards

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Dear Journal,

Happy new year, everyone. Twenty-twenty was a wild ride, wasn't it? In fact, I decided to dedicate this journal entry to handing out my very own made-up 2020 awards to all people and characters that made this year memorable for me. This was kind of a last minute idea - I've only been scrolling through 2020's journal entries for about an hour, and I need to start writing. No offense, but when midnight rolls around I'd rather be having champagne outside by the fire instead of at my computer writing. So without further ado, let's hand out some accolades.

Biggest Chumps

The biggest chumps of the year - the people that made a terrible 2020 even worse. Buckle up.

Brave (or Stupid)

The bravest people I came across in 2020. So Brave, you have to question whether or not it's just stupidity.

Lucky SOBs

To the lucky ones.

Most Improved

Still bad, but not as bad.


MVPs. My heros. The people that made this year a little less crummy.

Here's to our last day of 2020. Happy new year, my friends. See you next year.