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2019-05-20 Monday

Good Morning Journal!

It feels good to begin a regular week. Rodney is home, and it was so refreshing to put him to bed and get back into an evening routine. Tonight I'll probably take him to Hy-Vee to pick up a few things.

Last night I made that Sicilian anchovy and onion pizza, and boy was it good. I think I just found my new secret weapon recipe. It tasted nothing like anchovies, but somehow all of those flavors magically came together and turned into something completely new. And the crust! Let's just say I'm excited to have that recipe in my tool belt. I'm most definitely going to copy it over to my notes later today.

We have nothing much planned for this week. I think we're just going to keep it typical - just cooking, chores, and hanging around the house. We even have a few more days of much cooler weather, it's cloudy and mid 40s right now.

Rodney was so funny last night. He was so hyper from coming home, he scarfed down all of his pizza and then jumped on the couch while watching blippi for about an hour straight. He clearly had fun, but he also clearly likes when things go back to normal. And don't we all? I had a lot of anticipation for last weekend, and Marissa and I got a lot of time together. Man, I hate being away from my kid though. That was no fun at all. I think having a kid around the house ensures a kind of structure. Without Rodney, I didn't really feel like keeping the house clean and I had no reason to even wake up before 9.

I finally gave Tyler the Creator's IGOR a listen. I'm not sure how I feel about it. One of the tracks is stuck in my head at the moment, but I'm not sure how the rest of the album makes me feel. Tyler's music isn't very satisfying to listen to - it doesn't quite go hard enough, there's not enough body to the songs... I'll try listening again at work so I can develop my opinion.

And speaking of developed opinions, Marissa and I watched the final episode of Game of Thrones last night. What a freakin stinkbomb. Out of all the endings they could have picked, that must have been the worst. I'm now completely numb to game of thrones.

Well journal, let's have a Monday. This week, let's dive back into a routine and do our chores with pride. But let's also take time this week to reflect on what happened last Friday.

2019-05-22 Wednesday

Good Morning Journal!

Had kind of a slow start today, but that's OK because I'm working from home and I have the time to do that. Lately, I stopped showering on Wednesday morning's, so it gives me plenty of time to putz around the house and drink coffee. Plus, I think it's better for my hair - after all they say that you're not supposed to wash it every day.

Yesterday was a great day! I had a pretty busy day just helping people with stuff as part of ticket duty. Lately my new thing is writing long, complete, well-cited answers to questions. It especially helps when people are in another timezone and it may take them 12 hours to respond with "what do you mean" - so that's a win.

I got home in time to make stammpot. This time I employed the use of mise en place, which I just learned from a YouTube series is just the art of preparing and organizing your workstation before you start cooking. It felt gratuitous and I was convinced we were going to be eating late because of it, but to my surprise it only took me an hour to make a full blown stammpot meal from scratch! Which was pretty good. I think those French are on to something. Going to have to prioritize the mise en place in my own cooking methods.

After that, we put Rod to bed and just hung out. I watched YouTube videos while Marissa did a resin session, then we reconvened to play Nazi Zombies.

Today should be a nice day. We're going to go to lunch at glass nickel, and since the sun is supposed to come out later I'm going to make chicken wings on the grill. Well, let's have a Wednesday! Here's to a day at home to relax.

2019-05-25 Saturday

Good Evening Journal!

Notice I did not say good morning, I guess I'm changing it up today. I went a little easy on myself this morning and had a slow start. Today Marissa took Ziggy to a dog agility class, so it was just the three duderinos back at the ranch today. Rodney slept in too. We hit the ground running pretty hard at first - we all walked to the park after packing a quick lunch and enough diapers for all of us to shit our pants if we really wanted. We had a pretty good time. Rodney got to sword fight with a neighbor kid named Toby, and despite my best estimates there were no injuries and Rodney gleefully gave the sword back to Toby's mother when they were ready to hit the road.

Afterwards, we dropped Ollie off at home and walked to the market, picked up the stuff we needed to make poposa, then just kind of lounged around while it simmered on the stove. So all in all I think it was a good day.

Jordan called me today. Which was weird, because I almost never get phone calls that aren't spam. I guess he wanted to catch up, by the sound of the message, he was driving and probably a little bored. I probably should have picked up, but my head just wasn't in the right place. I also spilled poposo gravy all over the place so I was a little flustered this evening. Marissa actually offered to put Rod to bed tonight so I'd have a chance to collect my thoughts. I don't know why - I didn't really have any special revelations describing my day - but I already feel better. I feel centered. I guess there you go: the moral of the story is that maybe writing in my journal is something I need to do, not just want to do.

See you bright an early, Journal. It's good to be back.