Sunday, May 2 2021

fred, the poet: 1

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Read about your 2 hungry dogs,

They sound a lot like hogs,

Eating mutton, beef, chicken, quail, duck, and veal

It's no wonder that they have so much zeal.

A wild dog, as you well know

Can't sit around and be so slow.

He has to search for food, both day and night

Through feathers and fur he has to bite.

Even the water he drinks isn't always nearby

His throat can get awful sore and dry.

We too, must work and earn our daily bread

For our food, drink and shelter, we need not dread

We have a Heavenly Father, who knows our every need

If we but ask, He will supply our bed and feed,

We are thankful for our parents, who train us so well

Study His word and pray that others we may tell,

Keep us informed in what you plan to do,

Or anything else that is new!


Grandpa Recker


Weather in Northern Indiana

June 15, 2008

Often in Spring our mornings are cool and damp

But by mid afternoon the sun is bright as a lamp.

Warms up to about sixty, need only a jacket or coat

Our past winter now seems far and remote!

It's good for the wallet, as gas heat costs a lot!

As we look forward to summer and weather quite hot!

Soon it is June and we now use our fans

Going outside, as we now get our tans.

July and August, our heat reaches its peak,

Now the air conditioner, as cooler air we seek.

What we save on gas, we spend on electric fees

Hoping once again for cool and gentle breeze.

September and October cooler nights with morning dews,

Leaves begin to change and send its warning clues.

November and December, soon the end of our year,

We love all our seasons, the new season we do not fear.


Grandson Alex Recker


To our grandson Alex Recker we send our very best,

Since he is one of the best in Chicago Midwest,

We can't call him our little drummer boy anymore,

As he appears to be somewhere around six foot four,

Keep up your studying and getting good grades

We're so glad you don't wear earrings or braids,

Follow your dad's example all these many years

Don't get hooked on girls, bad habits, or many beers,

Keep up your Bible reading and of course daily prayers,

He hears you, loves you, and we know he really cares,

Take good care of your sisters, Kelly and Sarah Jean

Obey Mother and Father and don't be rude or mean,

In any job you do (Starbucks) give it the best you can

This is all part of becoming a Godly young man

Set a good example and don't go along with the crowd

Be a Christian in your behavior, of that you can be proud

Keep in touch with two grandmas and a grandpa as well

When you get a car don't be too quick to sell

Continue with the poetry, a gift which is also fun

With all this advice, I am now finally done!

With Love,

Grandpa Recker (3/4 of a century old)