Wednesday, September 8 2021

rodneys sandwich, miss piggy, and connors apartment

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Dear Journal,

Good morning, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Starting the work week off on a Tuesday really throws things off, doesn't it? But as the your resident Internet day-of-the-week announcer, I'm doing my best to emphasize reality over perception. Let's say it together - Wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday.

Today's banner image, Rodney donning his ray beezies and flashing his iconic thumb's up, can be today's inspiration. Doesn't he look cool and confident?

Even though Rodney looks like a million bucks wearing his shades, he remains squarely on the fence about actually wearing them out in public.

"Bring them to school, dude," I encouraged. "You'll be like a legend."

"No..." he stuttered, staring out the car window and mauling over the decision to himself.

"What if you just wear them outside?" I asked. "You go outside for school, right? You can just pop 'em on real quick when your class goes out to the playground."

"Actually, you're right," said Rodney. "I can wear them outside!"

But he still didn't go through with it. Marissa tells me that the sunglasses never leave the car, but he puts wears them on the ride over while he listens to his favorite pump up song What's Up Danger.

In fact, in honor of Rodney why don't we make What's Up Danger the official soundtrack of this entry. For the best effect, let this song play while you read on, and of course throw on your own pair of ray beezies if you have them handy.