Saturday, July 27 2019


Dear Journal,

I'm coming to you this morning from an RV in beautiful Hayward Wisconsin. I took a half day off yesterday to get a jump on the drive. Our car is sans AC at the moment, so the windows were down for the entirety of the five hour journey into northern Wisconsin - which wasn't so bad actually. When you're barreling down the country highway with all the windows open, you can't really listen to music or chit chat - but the wind whipping through your hair really helps pass the time.

We got in just after five. After we unloaded all of our stuff, we went down to the lodge with Tom and Renee to have some fish fry. It was Friday after all, and the traditions run deep, especially this deep into the Wisconsin wilderness. On Friday, we eat fried fish.

After dinner, we let Rodney get some wiggles out on a little playground by the lake. It was starting to get dark out, so we made our way back to sit around the fire. I broke out the guitar for some classic fireside noodling. It was nice to catch up with the in-laws. I love the way a campfire draws out the conversation between people.

Renee and Tom turned in for the night, and Marissa and I made our way to the lodge for a few more drinks. There was a cover band playing 80s rock hits, and by the looks of it everyone in the crowd was too drunk to care that Marissa and I didn't know any of the songs. We just grabbed a beer and jostled around with the rest of the hooligans. We found Auntie Sarah in the fray, and she treated me to a shot of tequila.

After a few more drinks, Marissa and I stepped outside to get some fresh air. We had originally wanted to walk out on the dock, but after a few more shots of tequila, I wasn't feel very agile and I knew in my heart of hearts that I'd roll right into the knee deep lake water if I tried to walk out there - which would really sour the moment, don't you think? We stumbled back to the camper sometime around 12:30pm, 80s rock still blaring in the distance behind our backs. I wonder how long the party went on?

I arose a little earlier this morning, so I decided to walk to a grocery store to pick up some coffee. Well, it was technically a "country" store. I'm not familiar with the term, but it was basically a combination grocery store & casino. When I returned from my wholesome morning walk, Marissa teased me as if I had decided to stay a little longer to play some slots. I assure you, I passed on it. There was plenty of stale cigarette smoke to go around, and I got my fair share just grabbing a few packs of K-cups.

This morning, we're pushing fluids, nibbling on breakfast, and laying low while Rodney watches some Saturday morning cartoons. Later today, we're going to take the boat out. Renee and Tom bought a new tubing raft, and Rodney and I graciously agreed to help test it.

Let's have a Saturday! Go tubing. Look at the stars. Take a shot of tequila and dance to a song you've never heard before. Nobody cares that you don't know any of the words.