Sunday, July 28 2019

hayward 2

Dear Journal,

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We took our time drinking coffee and nibbling on breakfast before we head out on the boat around lunch time. Once we got out onto the lake, we realized the tube wasn't inflated correctly and we had to double back - but we all didn't mind the boat ride and the warm sun. After we docked, Marissa and her mom headed up to the camper to restock the cooler, and Tom took the tube pump to a nearby outlet, leaving me and Rodney in the boat. It was fun to watch Rodney putz around the boat. He spent some time sitting in the passenger seat, he leaned over the edge looking for baby sharks (I may have told him that was a possibility).

When everyone returned, we once again headed out on the lake and got some tubing time in. Rodney, Renee, and Marissa were the first to go. Rodney was unsure about the whole thing, but he was a good sport. Marissa and I went for a while. It's funny how soar you can get just laying on a tube getting pulled behind a boat. How is that even a workout? Why do my joints hurt so bad right now?

We anchored the boat by some shallow water. Marissa agreed to watch Rodney while I closed my eyes at the front of the boat under a beach towel. Falling asleep on a boat gently tossing in the water might be one of the greatest kinds of naps on earth. While I slept, I thought about the story where Jesus slept on a boat during a thunderstorm while the apostles thought they were going to die. I woke up feeling refreshed, and to my surprise Rodney was sleeping too. He takes a nap every day in the afternoon, and old habits die hard - even on a boat.

We went out to dinner at a pizza place from Marissa's childhood. I got a free beer that they poured by mistake. After dinner, Marissa and I went for a quick walk around the campsite before deciding to turn in for the night.

Today, we're going to play a few rounds of bingo before making the drive home. I'll spend the whole drive thinking about what to make for dinner when we get home.

Let's have a Sunday! Take a nap on a boat if you can, I really recommend it.