Tuesday, August 20 2019

calendar, velcro, minecraft, and batter

Dear Journal,

Good morning, everyone! I had a pretty productive day yesterday. I only had a few meetings in the morning, so in the afternoon I made a list of things I had to do and went through them, one-by-one. It felt good to catch up on things, and when I got home, the momentum continued. Marissa and I sat down and synced up the calendar for the next few weeks. For one, I had the date for the reunion wrong. It turns out I have and extra week to work on things. And the upcoming weekends don't look so bad.

After going over our calendar, I put some more work into the dining room computer, adding velcro ties to cables. If you have some cable issues of your own and you're still living in the dark days of zip ties, duct tape, or just "wild style", I couldn't recommend these velcro wraps more. They hold just as tightly as tape, but come off really easily and they're reusable.

After tidying up the computer, I got some well-earned Minecraft time in. I'm currently making a bridge from my little platform to the shore, building it right against the water. Still trying to keep things practical, and it's working out. I think this may be one of my favorite spots I've ever picked. I'm way out on the ocean on this little island. Building on water always works out well because it's easy to grow crops, and there are way less monsters to deal with.

For dinner (real dinner, not Minecraft), I made fried fish. I think I've really honed my batter recipe. The secret is to make it very watery. It's tempting to stir in more flour and make it velvety and appetizing, but you have to stop a little sooner when it's just a little thicker than cream. I also cut the fish into really small pieces - little strips that cooked in the oil in about forty seconds. It was a great batch, and I was happy with it.

Today will be more of the same. Still finishing up intern work. We're writing a blog post about our project now, which involves compiling all the trial data, making diagrams, and lots of writing. So this week feels like a victory lap with lots of editing.

Hope you have a wonderful day today. Happy Tuesday, everyone.