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2019-05-09 Thursday

Good Morning Journal!

Last night I spent a while preparing for my demo today. I'm actually starting to feel good about it. The full dry run took a little longer than 35 minutes, which is right in the sweet spot. I can take my time if I have to and just leave the rest for questions, which is ideal.

Last night I prepped for the demo while cleaning the kitchen, and Marissa kept working on that little mural she has on the dining room wall. It drizzled all day yesterday, so I finally got to make that chicken noodle soup. It was hearty and delicious - I know this sounds silly but the little sprigs of fresh parsley took it over the edge. We finished up the Ted Bundy movie we started in the afternoon, then for no reason at all I decided to make some pizza dough. I stayed up a little late so I'm having a hard time summoning words this morning.

Getting ready for this demo has really taken a lot out of me. But lately the way I do things is like this: the moments leading up to the thing are just filled with dread, but during and immediately after, I'm filled with a joy that it's all over and once it's done I can go home and not think about it. Tonight, I'm staying at work until the event at 6, then afterwards I just need to eventually get home and find something to eat on the way. I have a feeling that the freedom I'll feel sometime around 7 will be so exhilarating.

We dont' have too much planned for this weekend either. Marissa is going to an agility practice, so I'm kicking it at home with Rodney. Maybe we'll walk over to Jenny street and pick up some salmon, it's been a while since I did that recipe. Maybe we can pick up some tuna while we're at it and finally try the seared tuna recipe as a kebab. Or maybe we'll just sit at home and watch a movie, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm almost there. God I'm tired. This week is just dragging.

Alright I got nothing else today, I'm going to sit on the bed and snuggle with Zig Zig until I have to jump in the shower. How about that's the battle cry for this Thursday - just put it off as long as possible and pet Zig Zig until you have to do something else. That's as good a battle cry as any. Aaaaaaand BREAK. Happy Thursday.

2019-05-10 Friday

Good Morning Journal!

Well the python talk is finally over, but I'm not going to lie to you, it may have been one of the worst forty minutes of my life. About ten minutes into my presentation, somebody raised their hand and asked "what is terraform?" Somebody followed that question up with "what is infrastructure?" And following those questions, I was just totally thrown off and only got through like half of what I prepared. It was just... ugh, I'm still cringing thinking about it. At the end of the day, I think the problem was I had never been to one of these club meetings and I just didn't know who I was talking to. Pierce, the suspiciously good-looking coordinator, assured me that there were a good amount of devops people in the crowd, but I definitely saw a lot of glazed over eyes. In short, it was terrible and it's going to take a lot to convince me to ever do that again.

Yesterday I pretty much spent all day thinking about it and preparing for it. I must have walked around the square four times due to the presentation jitters. Now I just feel like a quiet, solitary weekend. It almost feels weird i have to go into work now. Like right now I should be slipping into a quiet Saturday morning, and just sip coffee and listen to Frank until everyone wakes up.

Have a slight tickle in my throat this morning, but seeing if it goes anywhere. If I get sick, that would just be classic me. You know I only get sick on the weekends, it's like my body just holds out until I'm done with the thing that I absolutely cannot get sick and miss.

I'm hoping to finally wipe out my TODO list this weekend. Now that the talk is over, I just have to write Maya a letter, then I have to finish up fixing Kelly's laptop.

I am so spacey this morning. I'm just so sick of dealing with people this week. I wonder if I am getting sick. Should I work from home today?

Sorry for the scatterbrained, low energy post today. I'm not doing too well this morning. I think I'm just a little testy because I might be getting sick, and if I am then this day is just going to go downhill.

Hey, we're just about done with the week. Just a couple more meetings, then we got all weekend to recharge. We can do this. Here's to Friday!

Clarification - the MadPy talk actually went very well. The group was grateful and supportive - I think I was just under a lot of stress and I wasn't dealing with it well. If anyone from that MadPy group happens to be reading this, I was just having a tough week and I would absolutely love to come back.

Oh, and I put a recording of my talk Putting a Python App in AWS on YouTube.

2019-05-11 Saturday

Good Morning Journal!

Well I finally got sick. Felt a tickle in my throat yesterday afternoon and it just slowly started to drain the life out of me. So I took the bus home. Marissa was nice enough to give me the night off, so I just sweated under a blanket and let King of the Hill go on shuffle. My throat felt worse this morning, but I have a bit more energy.

I don't think I'll be taking another sick day today. Yesterday we ordered Laotian, and it was so bad this time that I pretty much decided we're cooking all day today. I think I'll surprise Marissa with a nice Italian dish. Today I'm going to head over to Jenny Street with Rod and pick up some beef short ribs. I saw a really tasty recipe where you just braise them in garlic, wine, and a whole bunch of pepper. I think I can do a nice heirloom tomato salad on the side.

Rod will probably wake up soon. It's already 9:20, but the nice thing is that I'm usually the only one to wake up before 10. It's nice, I get lots of space in the house and use the time to collect my thoughts and tidy things up. Well, I'm not the only one. Zig Zig jumps out of bed and creepily follows me around.

Probably just a short entry today. Just checking in. This weekend will most definitely be a quiet one. I've had a crazy week and looking forward to the long recharge. Let's enjoy the day today. To Saturday!