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2019-05-03 Friday

Good Morning Journal!

I can't believe I made it this week without getting sick. I definitely thought by this time I'd come down with the 'ol scratchy throat, but here I stand - er - sit, sipping coffee and ready to have a productive Friday.

Yesterday was a great day. We heated up a frozen pizza for dinner, then we took Rodney to Dick's to get a sense of what kind of sports he's into. I was 100% expecting him to just get lost in the baseball section, but surprisingly he didn't care for it too much. He didn't really want to wear the glove or helmets or anything. Basketball garnered just a bit more interest, but again he didn't really latch on to anything. But hockey was a positive match! They didn't really have a full blown hockey section (because Dick's sucks and they just don't give a shit about hockey), but Rodney picked up a left-handed stick and didn't set it down until we got to the car. We bought him a stick, a ball, and two sticks for mom and dad. Then I had the idea to play hockey in the parking lot.

What happened after was pretty funny. As we were parking the car in front of the closed down Babies R' Us, I pointed out the sewers and said something like "hey, let's try to play far away from the sewers so we don't lose the ball in there."

Five minutes into playing, momma sent the ball straight into the sewer. We tried to fish it out with the stick, but it was a goner. It was funny & sad watching Rodney try to remove the storm drain cover. But since we're not monsters we immediately took him to Target to buy a couple of tennis balls (we got extra this time) and continued playing in the Target parking lot until the sun went down. We had a lot of fun. It's been a while since I got to play hockey.

Today we hired Miss Alyssa to watch Rodney so we can go watch the new Avengers movie. Marissa is feeling better, so there's no reason we shouldn't have a pretty good time. Marissa and I like to get to the movie theater really early so we can sit at the bar and quietly mock the bartenders who are definitely in over their head just pouring beers and melting cheese on frozen food. Ironically, it's also a really cool looking bar. I think they made it to look like the bar from The Shining.

Let's have a Friday! Here's to making it here without getting sick.

2019-05-07 Tuesday

Good Morning Journal!

Yesterday was a fine day. Pretty much a regular day at work. I treated myself to Ian's pizza and went for a walk in between working on some interesting templating engine stuff. Rodney was started to feel better. He's sick, but the Tylenol works well enough for him to still run errands with momma. When I got home, I jumped right into making dinner, which was swordfish steaks, pasta, and baked sweet potato wedges. We put Rodney to bed after giving him a bath, but he woke up a few hours later with the sweats. I think his fever broke, so now he should just be a standard form of miserable (as opposed to feverish miserable which is undeniably worse). I decided to take a night off working on my demo. It's on Thursday after all and I have all the source code finished already. But I suppose that means I really need to work on it tonight.

I'm going to be so relieved when this damn demo is over. Note to self: stop committing to things that require work during the week in the evening. It feels like I only have time to sit on the couch and watch YouTube videos when I'm procrastinating something else - which is no way to live! But if I know myself, Thursday night I'm going to be so jazzed from a demo well done that I'll immediately resign to do more of them. And that's fine too. I'm emotional, and I should be allowed to make emotional decisions, even if I'm going to complain about them later.

So what else is going on. The coffee tastes especially good today. Marissa called me on the cheap stuff I was buying. I should have known that $7 a bag was not enough. That extra $3 must go into taste, because we ended up throwing out that bag and replacing it with some good 'ol fashioned Starbucks.

Yesterday I did some more reading in the Emacs manual. Marissa was applying a coat of resin to one of those large pieces she's doing for that gal in Canada, and for peace of mind she asked me to sit down there. I learned a lot of interesting stuff about registers, and I can't wait to find a way to use them. Overall, I'm looking forward to pruning my emacs configs down to the defaults. It's been a little bloaty lately. Most of the issues I was having could be traced back to that silly music player I was using, but I have other suspicions that I'm needlessly breaking things by refusing to learn the defaults. We'll see I suppose.

I may skateboard into work today. I haven't gotten to ride my board in a while. Marissa and I are thinking about finally getting bikes and I'm nervous I'll lose the motivation to ride a board once my commute becomes, well, a lot simpler. We're getting a pretty big stock payout and we may have more than usual to spread around, so it's a good time to buy bikes, bike accessories, bike locks, and all kinds of other bike shit. It's about time we dip our toes into the bike scene - this damn city has bike paths all over the place. And like with most hobbies, I have a feeling I'm going to dive head first into this one and turn it into my life's new purpose and mission. I was saying the same thing about skateboarding not long ago.

Well journal, I think I'm going to get some more coffee and just finish listening to this album. I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, and need to be sufficiently caffeinated. Let's have a great Tuesday. Let's get through Thursday and make it to the weekend!