Friday, July 1 2022

agility, a new type of work day, and basketball

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Dear Journal,

Good morning, everyone. It feels good to walk into a Friday, doesn't it? It also feels nice to have a quiet house, but it almost wasn't that way. Miles saw my shadow on his bedroom wall and yelled "DA-DA". I stealthily closed his door, and I think he must have fallen asleep again. That was a close one.

It's just me here this morning. Ollie is sleeping somewhere in the house, and Minnie, perched on a bench by the front window, curiously watches a delivery guy getting in and out of a truck parked on our cul-de-sac.

Right now I'm thinking about work. I'm thinking about what movie I'm going to set up Miles with in about an hour. I'm also thinking about this mug full of velvety, dark coffee sitting next to me on the table. Did you bring a cup of coffee? Good - bottoms up.

Sip. It's just me and Miles again today. Marissa and Ziggy are back in Rockford for day 2 of their agility trial. Ziggy had a good run, but at this point in her career she's plagued with almost perfect runs. With Ziggy, it's usually a small mistake at the beginning of the run followed by fifty seconds of flawless weaving and leaping.