Wednesday, September 13 2023


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Hey Reader!

I was at a wedding this past weekend. As weddings are known to do, it took a lot out of me. Fueled half by adrenaline and half by Starbucks, I powered through. One of the ways you can tell that I was barely holding it together was that I only had one single photo on my camera phone from the whole ordeal - a silly, low angle selfie with Jordan. I like how from the photo you can tell that the two of us follow the same negligent shaving habits, even in preparation of a wedding.

It's been busy, but it feels nice to be back in the old blog. Through all the wedding chaos, we practically ran out of food in the house. I snapped a picture of Rodney's after school snack so I could remember the sheer randomness and resourcefulness.


The crumbly doritos at the bottom of the party sized bag. Two wads of stale cotton candy from Septemberfest. Two reheated Brazillian cheese bread balls. To wash it all down, the final Milkis from the back of the second fridge.

Yesterday my grocery list was so long, it almost wrapped onto a second page. I must have been a little too focused on getting all of my items because yesterday at Valli something completely unexpected happened to me. While turning past an aisle, this tough looking guy shopping by himself gave me a stern glance. As I crossed in front of him, he turned his wide shoulders and followed me with his narrow gaze. His long black hair was pulled back in a messy pony tail. He didn't look like the kind of guy I wanted to pick a fight with, so I did my best to ignore him. Who knows, maybe he was just some weirdo trying to get a rise out of me.

A few minutes later, a voice shot out from behind me. "Excuse me!," he bellowed. I turned to face him. My thoughts raced in preparation to defend myself from an unwanted confrontation.

"I... I think that's my cart," he said a little more kindly. I glanced down at the cart in my hands. A wrapped ball of cabbage caught my eye, and all at once the realization rushed into me that this guy was glaring at me because I calmly wheeled his shopping cart away. For a few more awkward seconds, I fished through his groceries and pulled out the bag of flour I added to them while I was on the run.

Before I go, let's review some interesting creations. Miles interrupted my work day to show me an invention. He barreled through the studio door guns blazing.

Rodney made some kind of sword swinging turtle at school.


Lastly, just to round things off, here's a very minimal and unsettling drawing of grimace. Rodney spent a whole afternoon immersing himself in all the weird conspiracies surrounding the McDonald's grimace shake, and with the family computer being so close to the kitchen, so did I in a way.


That's what I got today. Hope you have a great Tuesday.