Wednesday, September 6 2023


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Hey Reader!

The other night, Marissa and I were making a final pass through the bedroom hallways. I clicked off the hallway light. Marissa fastened the dog gate behind us. She kicked a marker cap into view, bending over to scoop it off the floor.

"Is there anything more terrifying than finding the cap to a black Sharpie?" she laughed.

The Sharpie cap we found foreshadowed what we found the next day. Miles had the whole morning to redecorate his room.


He expressed himself with body art too.


We teased Miles about his new tattoos, but he seemed too proud of his work to care. I have to admit, they look kind of cool. The dark black slashes on his legs look like tiger stripes, and if you glance at his arms really quickly, you might mistake them for a tattoo sleeve.


Putting him to bed yesterday, I got the full tour of his wall mural. "It's a dasa (a dinosaur)," he explained. "A dasa, with TWO claws." He used a tiny finger to point to the dasa's head.


"What's this one?" I asked.

"A BIG rock," said Miles.

Maybe this was his attempt to draw a giant meteor. If that's true, then this dasa didn't have a lot of time.


Miles also signed his name - standard practice for a mural like this. You don't want anyone taking credit for your work. "This says MILES," he said, pointing to the sharp black squiggle.


We had to set some new ground rules with coloring. We also might have to move the sharpies. But the deed is done, and we have no choice but to let Miles enjoy his new ink for a while.