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Title Description Date
Uhh Yeah Dude A long overdue written tribute to my favorite podcast. 2018-03-30
San Francisco My company sent me on a trip to San Francisco. 2016-10-08
The Baby We had a baby last week. Here is the recap. 2016-07-17
Anxiety Hoping to inspire a new attitude toward medication and mental health, my wife bravely shares her personal journey of discovering her anxiety disorder. 2016-01-25
Using Selenium to Buy a Bus Pass A brief tutorial of my new favorite Selenium script. 2016-01-11
Our New Sid Meier's Civilization Inspired Budget My wife and I were inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization to look at our finances differently. Here is our new system 2015-11-14
Jane An Interview with my mother, Jane Recker 2015-10-24
Sitcoms Being a devoted Seinfeld fan, the idea of making room in my heart for another pop sensation portrayal of regular people set in New York irked me. 2015-09-08
Seinfeld The early seasons of Seinfeld - are these episodes evidence of a Sitcom finding its stride, or a prologue to the lives of the four people that surrendered to a life about nothing? 2015-09-08
Bedbugs An embittered account of our war with orchid knoll over bedbugs. You decide who the real parasite is! 2015-07-23
Rockford Farewell, Rockford. It was a pleasure being your citizen for two years. 2015-04-07
Sports You are probably expecting a 'you suck if you are watching the superbowl' post. You're wrong, reader. I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm ready to rejoin society with new found empathy. 2015-01-31
Weight Happy new year, everybody. It's the season for gym memberships. I hope you all don't mind, but I got a head start. I share my mediocre weight loss journey to date. 2015-01-02
The Wolf of Wall Street I say some words about the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. 2014-12-27
Linux Let's talk about Linux. Where did it come from? What can it do for you? How long does your beard need to grow before you can get it to work? 2014-11-23
Pride Six pages into my high school journal and I have already proven Islam wrong. Join me and high school Alex as we discuss pride. 2014-11-08
Reality My journal from high school. This is no ordinary journal, however. Judging by the eccentric handwriting, this thing must be full of philosophical howitzers. 2014-11-04
Clockwork Orange Time for a bit of the ‘ol Kubrick Week, eh readers? This week we take on the mental flogging that is Clockwork Orange. I’ll be rebuilding my sense of morality all week. 2014-10-10
Full Metal Jacket Marissa and I review the movie Full Metal Jacket, and we try not to get all sad about it. No matter what goes down, we are hoping a whole bunch of marines don’t show up at my place tomorrow to beat me with a pillow case full of soap. 2014-10-06
Eyes Wide Shut Kubrick Week kick off. My wife and I were inspired to spend a week watching Stanley Kubrick movies. As far as I can tell we are working in order of 'most Tom Cruise' to 'least Tom Cruise'. 2014-10-05
Marketing on Reddit I have had it with all those flashy marketing sites claiming they know how to get traffic from Reddit. There is some serious misinformation out there. This calls for some good old fashion education. 2014-09-21
The Top 5 Ways That My Corgi Has Taught Me How to Be a Better Person My wife takes the blogging soapbox from me this week as my very first guest writer. She reflects on the top five lessons she has learned in owning a dog. 2014-09-09
Style Style talk - programming style that is. What does your programming style say about your stance on moral responsibility? 2014-08-25
Bronies After a brief catchup on what the heck the whole Brony thing is, let’s don our evolutionist hat and break this thing down. 2014-08-13
Wedding We got married! And we finally have photographic evidence. 2014-08-02
Hercules I review the movie Hercules, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. What I expected was to see my favorite wrestler beat elephants to death. What I didn’t expect was a valuable lesson. 2014-07-26
Coffee I worked at Starbucks for about seven years. The system is a lot simpler than you would think. Here is everything you need to know to be a great customer at your local coffee shop. 2014-07-08
Good TV Let's talk about TV. Here are the three rules all good TV shows follow. 2014-06-27
Can I Interest You in Some Totalitarianism? You have woken up in a world stifled by a massive totalitarian government. For once, let’s not talk about the worthy implications. What would suck? What would be pretty good? 2014-06-02
Writing I have always liked to write, but college writing classes led me to the comfortable pastures of amateur writing. Here are some tips on how to be a mediocre writer. 2014-05-21
These Chemical Analogies are Terrible: Part 1 As a lengthy final suicide note to the discipline of chemistry, I have decided to kick off a final brain dump of all the awful analogies that have helped me limp my way out with a degree. 2014-05-19
Welcome Home Wordpress has served me well, but my soul longs for the wilderness. Retreat with me into the backwoods of the Internet. 2014-04-02
Raising a Child Who Plays Video Games This week, a twenty-three year old kid tells you how to raise your child. 2014-03-11
Escape I offer up my perfect escape plan up for authoritative critique. Did I just break the way we patrol our highways, or am I really an idiot? 2014-03-04
Glass Google released an official list of "do's and don'ts" for Glass wearers. Let's get real, everyone. I think Papa Google is getting senile. 2014-02-18
Work A late-night quicky: reflections on joining a modern workplace. How college students should view work. 2014-02-13
Frozen A review of the movie Frozen, followed by a totally unnecessary and gratuitously violent alternate-ending. 2014-01-26
Google A tedious discussion of my relationship with Google - as well as an admonishment for yours. 2013-12-09
Noah A tender look back on the life of the best little brother I've ever had 2013-12-04
The Miss-Steak Learn to cook one of the first edible meals that has ever left my humble kitchen. Let's try not to poison ourselves with this buttery steak sandwich. 2013-11-19
YouTube Thoughts on the direction of YouTube in Google's hands in the wake of the new comment system scandal. 2013-11-09
Apartment Life Catch a glimpse of my glamorous apartment life through my daily routine and a couple of pictures 2013-10-22
Ikea Having just moved in, I'd like to share my 4 rules to safely assembling Ikea furniture. 2013-10-02
Engaged Last Saturday, I got engaged with the help of a few very generous Redditors. Here is the story. 2013-09-25
The Vow Review, and ultimately a snarky rewrite, of 'dramacomedy' The Vow. Let's fix this mess. 2013-09-14
Anakin Let's examine the psyche of everyone's favorite kid Jedi - Anakin Skywalker. 2013-09-14
Skateboarding A story about my first try at skateboarding. Getting the courage to try out the Olympic Skatepark in Schaumburg, I'm helped by two really friendly locals. 2013-08-22
Obsessed with Computers A reflection on how four different, admittedly embarrassing, pursuits derailed my education and got me a job in computers. 2013-08-07
Computers on our Face Official Promotional video for Google Glass, released this past February. Well this is interesting, Google 2013-06-29
Brace for Ego Let's try blogging. First, some rules… 2013-06-16

Programming Videos

Title Description Length Date
phishing Let's make our own phishing scam. 14:19 2016-05-30
hacking wordpress Let's brute force our way into a WordPress powered cat blog. 20:39 2016-05-17
the wall Watch me code a django site for strangers to post their own messages. 22:00 2016-05-15
fizz buzz Watch me stumble through the famous fizz buzz problem 14:31 2016-05-13

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