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strong baby, gecko shopping, and spiker
From strong baby, gecko shopping, and spiker

2023-10-03.html the train
2023-09-25.html madison
2023-09-13.html groceries
2023-09-06.html sharpie
2023-09-05.html septemberfest
2023-09-01.html a little sus
2023-08-29.html play
2023-08-28.html shadows
2023-08-24.html nutella
2023-08-23.html basement monster
2023-08-22.html lunch supervisor
2023-08-21.html first day of school
2022-12-21.html christmas lights, wine tasting, and being suspicious
2022-12-07.html the flu, the art show, and thanksgiving
2022-11-14.html a farmboy, german pancakes, and a chilly day at the zoo
2022-11-09.html the dino show, the sculpture park, and the pizza boys
2022-11-02.html pajama day, sight words, and the candy wagon
2022-10-31.html mondays, the dinosaur head, and the pickle jar
2022-10-24.html another weekend in pictures
2022-10-17.html burger king, polish candy, and groceries
2022-10-13.html writing in the morning, picture day, and normal people
2022-10-10.html a new car, the farm, and funny face
2022-10-05.html soap, the dinosaur mural, and walkability
2022-10-03.html fever dreams, chief reptile, and hibachi
2022-09-27.html emergencies, build-a-bear, and the bears game
2022-09-23.html the dentist, the mall, and retro video games
2022-09-21.html a rainbow, the box, and poached fish
2022-09-19.html football, a dream, and a bad church visit
2022-09-15.html contractors, the roach tank, and coq au vin
2022-09-13.html living room floors, visiting grandma, and math homework
2022-09-08.html arlington heights, math homework, and chicken thighs
2022-09-06.html espresso, covid symptoms, and septemberfest
2022-09-01.html covid, chair shopping, and highland park
2022-08-24.html weekend in pictures
2022-08-23.html ducky
2022-08-19.html routines, side projects, and dinosaurs
2022-08-16.html burnt bread and the wrong bus
2022-08-15.html first day of school
2022-08-11.html a new spider, ziggys birthday, and jordan
2022-08-10.html the inspector, the pit, and teasing
2022-08-08.html mini-golf, karaoke, and the zoo
2022-08-05.html panic attacks, gene and judes, and the duck derby
2022-08-03.html hammock breaks, meetings, and my newspaper nightmare
2022-08-01.html fast summer, fighting sticks, and the hammock
2022-07-27.html a goose egg, neighborhood kids, and an electric fence
2022-07-25.html the busiest sunday ever
2022-07-22.html cool mom, bugs, and walks
2022-07-20.html computer games, outages, and swimming lessons
2022-07-19.html millennium art show
2022-07-14.html a head cold, bison park, and wasting time at the mall
2022-07-11.html rodneys birthday
2022-07-06.html garbage day, gaslighting, and ninja gymnastics
2022-07-05.html fourth of july
2022-07-01.html agility, a new type of work day, and basketball
2022-06-30.html feeling settled, a new grocery store, and civil war bread
2022-06-29.html petting dogs, chicken fingers, and baseball
2022-06-28.html a wet spot, pulled pork, and capture the flag
2022-06-27.html hauling cube, smoking meat, and toothless dinosaurs
2022-06-24.html minnie, smoked meats, and the tooth fairy
2022-06-23.html rocks, home depot, and eating icecream
2022-06-22.html nature, garbage day, and legoland
2022-06-21.html moved
2022-06-06.html the malt house, frozen chicken feet, and the pool filter
2022-06-03.html a green alien, comcast, and a new spider
2022-06-02.html wilmington
2022-05-26.html fiery throat, weird combinations, and pizza drama
2022-05-24.html popcorn, assignments, and drone footage
2022-05-23.html closing
2022-05-17.html yoga, teeth brushing, and the smores jelly bean
2022-05-16.html potion, lenscrafters, and the madison bucket list
2022-05-11.html self-checkout, gotham bagel lunches, and skate
2022-05-10.html morning naps, smalltalk, and neighborhood walks
2022-05-09.html playoff hockey, mothers day, and sippie cup hell
2022-05-06.html the zoo, clubbing, and asian house
2022-05-05.html stomach aches, high art, and punching a bouncer
2022-05-04.html walks, throwing pinecones, and the vogue magazine
2022-04-26.html talks, blood, and spider-man
2022-04-25.html tornadoes, closing, and the farm
2022-04-22.html walk throughs, hoops, and vicentes new track
2022-04-20.html tio, injuries, and better call saul
2022-04-19.html chaos, house limbo, and loose laughs
2022-04-18.html easter, church, and a movie
2022-04-15.html meetings, touring rodneys school, and a lady in our bushes
2022-04-14.html slides, stress, and leftovers
2022-04-13.html the best weekend ever 2
2022-04-12.html the best weekend ever 1
2022-04-06.html ollie the listener, beef stroganoff, and ancient curses
2022-04-05.html drinking beer outisde, chit-chat, and spideys personality
2022-04-04.html finishing exercises, brunch, and walking around the mall
2022-04-01.html spring break, the mall, and remembering some pranks
2022-03-31.html celebrating, snacking, and costumes
2022-03-30.html distractions, dreadlocks, and exercise
2022-03-29.html diet coke, interest rates, and little things
2022-03-28.html slapping chris rock, concentrated naps, and rough housing
2022-03-25.html snow, pajama day, and fears
2022-03-24.html townships, bat poop, and diaper sunrise
2022-03-23.html open house week 3
2022-03-22.html open house week 2
2022-03-21.html open house week 1
2022-03-14.html daylight savings, gumbo, and the convertible
2022-03-10.html feeding ducky, nightmares, and burnout
2022-03-09.html ollies birthday, a broken microwave, and planking
2022-03-08.html big documents, shuffling papers, and basics 2
2022-03-07.html spring head fakes, dragon fruit, and house selling mode
2022-03-04.html a new computer, the dentist, and eating donuts with Miles
2022-03-03.html the dentist, mad max quotes, and pet-tulas
2022-03-02.html exercise, drawing people, and the mask order
2022-03-01.html the blackhawks party
2022-02-25.html bedtime, ukraine, and a chicago party
2022-02-24.html a pizza party, buying roaches, and caring for snakes
2022-02-23.html pizza phone, little caesars, and peanut butter
2022-02-22.html snowdays, dave and busters, and a new bucket boy
2022-02-18.html the triangle of neediness, pencil man, and sushi
2022-02-17.html wasting time, the menagerie, and shrimply pimples
2022-02-16.html a new hat, going into heat, and eating out
2022-02-15.html spiteful naps, flowers, and orange food
2022-02-14.html rodney stories, kartas enclosure, and ollies championship
2022-02-10.html firebert, salmon lunch, and pump up music
2022-02-09.html russian roulette, side projects, and five year old photography
2022-02-08.html dessicators, potion, and the lacey act
2022-02-07.html the kratt brothers, dinosaurs, and a dead motherboard
2022-02-04.html procrastinating, small talk, and deglazing the pan
2022-02-03.html gregxercises, a blue collar spider, and figure skating
2022-02-02.html chillitude, pizza toppings, and painting the stairs
2022-02-01.html cookie crisp, fighting crime, and schaumburg history
2022-01-31.html spider pizza, trainer greg, and the bengals
2022-01-28.html ninjago, couch time, and house shopping
2022-01-27.html lunch, an icecream cone, and figure skating
2022-01-25.html minnies birthday, food, and the dishwasher soap dispenser
2022-01-24.html new phrases, shoveling snow, and playoff football
2022-01-21.html an interior designer, the poop rug, and feeding ducky
2022-01-20.html winter, broiled cod, and exercise around kids
2022-01-19.html food fomo, seinfeld, and surprise molts
2022-01-18.html a weekend in pictures
2022-01-13.html wednesday workouts, ice skating, and isopods
2022-01-12.html dog agility, a kvm switch, and tornados
2022-01-11.html zombie tasks, routers, and a new baby gate
2022-01-10.html breaking my plastic bin, losing at monopoly, and movie night
2022-01-07.html abandoned potatoes, date night, and beautiful details
2022-01-06.html virtual school, tex, and paw patrol toy slams
2022-01-05.html rocky, zoom school, and dinosaur monopoly
2022-01-04.html donuts, pretend food, and wainscoting
2022-01-03.html the ball drop, exercise, and resolutions
2021-12-30.html mental stimulation, a personal trainer, and the suspension ladder
2021-12-29.html snow, scary depot, and an empty enclosure
2021-12-28.html monday scaries, presents, and the branch
2021-12-23.html bonding agents, horn worms, and covid tests
2021-12-22.html bottle flips, cookies, and the toy purge
2021-12-21.html no meetings, learning to read, and please
2021-12-20.html cleaning, coziness, and the covid booster
2021-12-17.html putting things in the crib, public speaking, and covid burnout
2021-12-16.html the school-free routine, a painting of minnie, and learning things
2021-12-15.html weird weather, a brazillian soccer player, and video games
2021-12-14.html window stickers, hating school, and spilling things
2021-12-13.html back to school, window removal, and burnt salmon
2021-12-09.html sexual purity, a salmon genius, and pooping at best buy
2021-12-08.html the supersaurus, my weight, molts, and i-spy
2021-12-07.html blues clues, molting, and little dopamine rushes
2021-12-06.html decorations, a spikey throat, and a good meal
2021-12-03.html boosters, being a mac user, and things you cant have
2021-12-02.html jurassic park, a wellness check, and bad christmas movies
2021-12-01.html the tired generation, chocolate bars, and my real name
2021-11-30.html state quarters, eggnog addiction, and pot pie filling
2021-11-29.html the feast, red lights, and cleaning the basement
2021-11-24.html feeding the animals, greek food, and the turkey dice game
2021-11-23.html the doorbell, dad duty, and cooking ham hocks
2021-11-19.html schoeps icecream, salmon smashburgers, and rough housing
2021-11-18.html an old clock, the seattle kraken, and video games
2021-11-17.html pets, spiders, and ex machina plot holes
2021-11-16.html adele, a mindful walk, and cheating at battleship
2021-11-15.html a wagon ride, cleaning the roach bin, and race day
2021-11-11.html fat spiders, headshot outtakes, and ice skating
2021-11-10.html not wearing pants, working on my blog, and restaurant qr codes
2021-11-09.html ducks, big code changes, and the lego game
2021-11-08.html daylight savings weekend in pictures
2021-11-05.html teacher conferences, new swag, and the motorcycle racing game
2021-11-04.html leaves, the toy whisperer, and the tooth fairy
2021-11-03.html reels, wireless, and playing with guns
2021-11-02.html dry air, the zoo, and squid games ending
2021-11-01.html halloween
2021-10-29.html the plague, a dead anemone, and super worm civil war
2021-10-26.html kindergarten injuries, hy-vee sketchiness, and schrodingers spider
2021-10-25.html lake house weekend, ice cream cones, and late night snacking
2021-10-22.html a throwback morning, the school picture, and duckys gotcha day
2021-10-21.html youtube, a loose tooth, and the visible man
2021-10-20.html instagram bread, un-boxing day, and the paint mill
2021-10-19.html video games, closets, and a tour of the gecko enclosure
2021-10-18.html rodneys snake keeper, rewiring, and reef-a-palooza
2021-10-15.html strong baby, gecko shopping, and spiker
2021-10-14.html colorado, work focus, and decorating for a gecko
2021-10-13.html the midwestern accent, cockroach dreams, and ray beezies
2021-10-12.html connors painting, pet world, and spikers hunger strike
2021-10-11.html fart day, vaccines, agility, and roaches
2021-10-08.html recharging, speakers, and spider twerking
2021-10-07.html meetings, picture day outfits, and new spiders
2021-10-06.html pee in the hamper, bread pictures, and spider enclosures
2021-10-05.html the hobby closet, home movies, and turkish roaches
2021-10-04.html my birthday
2021-09-28.html decorations, my work anniversary, and the restaurant black list
2021-09-27.html weird dreams, cinnamon rolls, and working outside
2021-09-24.html chocolate milk day, the amazon refund pit, and more snowpiercer
2021-09-23.html the perfect crunch, anemone wandering, and football
2021-09-22.html covid test results, an altercation at school, and first steps
2021-09-21.html napkin drawings, trying to kill marissa, and spideys triangle
2021-09-20.html weekend with poppa wilke
2021-09-17.html my snowpiercer blog, enclosures, and the spiderbox
2021-09-16.html caffeine naps, snowpiercer, and shrimp rice
2021-09-15.html the happy dance, getting in trouble, and trivia night
2021-09-14.html tiredness, ocean floor snuggles, and old movie theories
2021-09-13.html fleet farm, horse food, and stock pot lids
2021-09-10.html kennel cough, bran, and rodneys teacher
2021-09-09.html recharge friday, marissas addiction, and trusting nature
2021-09-08.html rodneys sandwich, miss piggy, and connors apartment
2021-09-07.html snorting, arachnophobia, and steak guilt
2021-09-03.html joe beaman day, kindergarten, and naptime
2021-09-02.html kindergarten, charles mingus season, and the village
2021-09-01.html september, outfit choices, and ripe probes
2021-08-31.html the art show, vr, and the paw patrol movie
2021-08-26.html molting, u-haul, and dogs eating peanut butter
2021-08-25.html the tech industry, spider complaints, and a baby fly
2021-08-24.html a watermelon asshole, three brain farts, and finding satisfaction
2021-08-23.html sleep schedules, online shopping, and deeply sighing
2021-08-20.html paw patrol, moving a treadmill, and doing nothing
2021-08-19.html visiting kindergarten and shopping for school supplies
2021-08-18.html debian, colored lights, and kindegarten
2021-08-17.html a strange entry reflecting about our house
2021-08-16.html a drunk friend, a secret snack enthusiast, and a cheap sprinkler
2021-08-13.html chicago, sleep walking, and the beetle cannibalism tax
2021-08-12.html rodneys story, facebook marketplace, handling a tarantula
2021-08-11.html legos, missing teeth, and new ethernet ports
2021-08-06.html relaxing, the fish store, and some big news
2021-08-03.html the perfect crunch, a new corgi, and old emails
2021-08-02.html staycations, iowa, and peeing in cups
2021-07-30.html wetting the bed, springing spiders, and attacking paint brushes
2021-07-28.html chocolate milk, chaos testing, and famkes chicken
2021-07-27.html ice skating, beef tacos, and a preposterous amount of toys
2021-07-26.html crowds, rock music, and a ferocious strike
2021-07-23.html old pallets, fear of criticism, and rodneys rifle
2021-07-22.html on-call, a missing bottle of rum, and a new fishtank
2021-07-21.html garbage day, darts, and bug time
2021-07-20.html crashed routers, connect four, and helmet slapping
2021-07-19.html a new spider, shooting pool, and rodneys party
2021-07-16.html planning parties, eraserhead, and power feeding
2021-07-15.html spider expectations, a work renaissance, and purging toys
2021-07-14.html a belated birthday, molting, and a guac grievance
2021-07-13.html bread protuberances, afraid of birds, and sniffing packets
2021-07-12.html party food, a pet update, and kalahari
2021-07-10.html the wrong grapes, the cat story, and the happy dance
2021-07-09.html the calm before the storm, spider-man at the zoo, and moving day
2021-07-08.html wiggly skin, the plan with spiders, and bathtime
2021-07-07.html bathroom tile, the alcohol fume police, and a proud parenting moment
2021-07-06.html routine, the reptile store, and new spiders
2021-07-04.html jordan and vanessas reception
2021-07-02.html a friend who farts, oysters, and a date on the square
2021-07-01.html imposter syndrome, heisenbugs, and how miles eats
2021-06-30.html eve, minnies routine, and my dead neighbor pam
2021-06-29.html nesting instincts, pupas, and beetles
2021-06-28.html travel, being home, and breaking the streak
2021-06-26.html anti-journal 18
2021-06-25.html megans wedding 1
2021-06-24.html anti-journal 17
2021-06-23.html waking up early, exercise, and dress clothes
2021-06-22.html a half week, a herd of unicycles, and the squizzle
2021-06-21.html walkie talkies, youtube, and waiting at applebees
2021-06-20.html anti-journal 16
2021-06-19.html boogers, a mess in the kitchen, and thirty cloves of garlic
2021-06-18.html sick days, the snack table nazi, and chicken wild rice
2021-06-17.html anti-journal 15
2021-06-16.html incident reports, rodney facts, and least favorite-favorite things
2021-06-15.html bidet people, egg cartons, and wedding planning jobs
2021-06-14.html our anniversary, a pirate bathroom, and the dog show
2021-06-13.html anti-journal 14
2021-06-12.html a horse movie, panic attacks, and a bathroom success
2021-06-11.html a datacenter in flames, potatoes on the stove, and new friends
2021-06-10.html chicken tendies, fish tacos, and our bathroom sink
2021-06-09.html flowers, boogers, and chicken noodle soup
2021-06-08.html throat tickles, power outages, and the birdman of alcatraz
2021-06-07.html errands, dinosaur bones, and cool spiders
2021-06-06.html anti-journal 13
2021-06-05.html outage brain, union corners brewery, and peeing in the bushes
2021-06-04.html beschuiten, midwestern techincal writing, and tarantulas
2021-06-03.html animal pictures, tiny punches, and anti-sharing
2021-06-02.html coffee emergencies, IT tickets, and puzzles
2021-06-01.html a day off, a walk with ziggy, and ultimate red titan
2021-05-31.html st charles fine art show 2
2021-05-30.html from the homework vault: the golden heart
2021-05-29.html st charles fine art show 1
2021-05-28.html anti-journal 12
2021-05-27.html plans, sandwich analogies, and skating practice
2021-05-26.html beschuiten, cluster ssh, and brad
2021-05-25.html our bathroom, a toddler, and bad fish
2021-05-24.html ultimate red titan, rainbow pizza, and plastic cups
2021-05-23.html anti-journal 11
2021-05-22.html our bathroom, pecking order, and grocery shopping
2021-05-21.html hot-dog pizza, wet burritos, and mark the mason
2021-05-20.html breakthroughs, ice skating confidence, and linda belcher
2021-05-19.html modeling, bubble wrap, and the apple corer slicer peeler
2021-05-18.html the fat five, the bathroom closet, and the slime lifestyle
2021-05-17.html snuggling, hobby highs, and barbecue chips
2021-05-16.html anti-journal 10
2021-05-15.html our weekend in pictures 2
2021-05-14.html happy hour, wyatt kalynuk, and ball pit drama
2021-05-13.html ice skating, beef wellington, and dbt
2021-05-12.html switching teams, worms, and beef stew smash
2021-05-11.html miles birthday weekend 2
2021-05-10.html miles birthday weekend 1
2021-05-09.html anti-journal 9
2021-05-08.html anti-journal 8
2021-05-07.html worms, terrariums, and new hockey skates
2021-05-06.html miles birthday and ice skating
2021-05-05.html baby miles, chef rodney, and minnie the retriever
2021-05-04.html my bare calendar, the nantucket airport, and ninja life
2021-05-03.html ramen, sand, and old stuff
2021-05-02.html fred, the poet: 1
2021-05-01.html dumb tricks, ice cream walks, and digging for fossils
2021-04-30.html vaccine symptoms, a ghost playing the piano, and family dinner
2021-04-29.html the knex table, zoom training, and minnies first bath
2021-04-28.html vaccines, snowplow sams, and a wishlist for miles
2021-04-27.html the baby bath, a work emergency, and my restaurant recommendations
2021-04-26.html minnie, baby bottle pops, and breeding worms
2021-04-25.html anti-journal 7
2021-04-24.html our weekend in pictures
2021-04-23.html being a puppy, conference talks, and a beer with an old boss
2021-04-22.html random updates, homemade mayonnaise, and trivia
2021-04-21.html the conference, lunch faces, and the hole
2021-04-20.html feed videos, breakfast burritos, and sister snuggles
2021-04-19.html groceries, tarantulas, and minnies cheeseburger
2021-04-18.html anti-journal 6
2021-04-17.html alka-seltzer, happy hour, and good winter
2021-04-16.html a puppy update, hy-veed, and the little caesars arena
2021-04-15.html faking it, spider talk, and fried shrimp
2021-04-14.html anti-journal 5
2021-04-13.html chewing shoes, ray beezies, and dumplings
2021-04-12.html minnie 3
2021-04-11.html minnie 2
2021-04-10.html anti-journal 4
2021-04-09.html minnie 1
2021-04-08.html arbys, puzzles, and a novelty cheese hat
2021-04-07.html a pterodactyl, stranded on the toilet, and a medicine smoothie
2021-04-06.html figurines, recumbent bikes, and the blue car
2021-04-05.html easter
2021-04-04.html anti-journal 3
2021-04-03.html easter, ziggys limp, and IT night
2021-04-02.html titration, algebra, and upgrading a server
2021-04-01.html celeb gossip, jelly beans, and rodneys rigamaroll
2021-03-31.html vaccines, white boy summer, and side parts
2021-03-30.html koen, swinging like spider-man, and the pork chop onionpocalypse
2021-03-29.html smelly bread, peace offerings, and error codes
2021-03-28.html anti-journal 2
2021-03-27.html regular cardboard, a stranger at the bar, and rodneys ipad
2021-03-26.html pharaoh, react, and art photos
2021-03-25.html motivation, exotic pets, and a real airplane
2021-03-24.html the haunce, the golden era of playtime, and dutch with famke
2021-03-23.html hair routines, book club, and bottle training
2021-03-22.html cheese balls, motherboards, and ziggys modeling career
2021-03-21.html anti-journal 1
2021-03-20.html apple sauce, grandma and grandpa, and a hawks game nap
2021-03-19.html friday, working at home with kids, and a spider-man costume
2021-03-18.html meetings, grandma janes broken legs, and apple sauce
2021-03-17.html pictures, slumps, and leeks
2021-03-16.html hy-vee flour, hockey, and rest
2021-03-15.html daylight savings, something to look forward to, and cheesy bechamel
2021-03-14.html the walking house and bonus content
2021-03-13.html old windows, sitting, and minecraft lazy
2021-03-12.html argo, replacement coffee parts, and old hair fads
2021-03-11.html scalp massages, owen wilson hair, and dunk tanks
2021-03-10.html pajama pants, violent bible stories, and mess theory
2021-03-09.html bathroom privileges, deep dish pizza, and ollies birthday
2021-03-08.html the bubble, the tent, and the royal family
2021-03-07.html from the homework vault: the magician
2021-03-06.html confessions: bad decisions in las vegas
2021-03-05.html dinner in an igloo, whiteboard diagrams, and mondering tomatoes
2021-03-04.html nerd nirvana, new corals, and a remote control dinosaur
2021-03-03.html kindergarten, feng shui, and power naps
2021-03-02.html the thinkpad nipple, mornings, and chicken wild rice soup
2021-03-01.html rodneys calendar, marissas birthday, and the volcano
2021-02-28.html from the homework vault: cubicle life
2021-02-27.html nerdy computer fun, cardboard mountain, and snowballs
2021-02-26.html covid results, the play-dough boot, and coral
2021-02-25.html work stress, covid tests, and balance
2021-02-24.html bill and ted, legos, and the blues brothers
2021-02-23.html a surprise day off, normal sick days, and a thousand dollars
2021-02-22.html the fishtank, the great rat massacre, and a broken window
2021-02-21.html from the homework vault: the church folder
2021-02-20.html calories, rodneys monitor, and kellys visit
2021-02-19.html white castle, trips with rodney, and thinking
2021-02-18.html work stress, my brilliant hy-vee hack, and shmeeds
2021-02-17.html reading, inflatable dinosaurs, and predator
2021-02-16.html leisure, the perfect outfit combination, and dutch rationalization
2021-02-15.html an injury, a foiled nap, and a trip to the co-op
2021-02-14.html from the homework vault: synthesis lab
2021-02-13.html scones, the perfect jenga game, and scented mineral oil
2021-02-12.html ravi, our coffee machine, and teeng tong
2021-02-11.html talking about covid, hazing newly weds, and lemon chicken potatoes
2021-02-10.html genealogy, silos, and hockey night
2021-02-09.html a wonderful morning, redemption chicken, and our exercise bike
2021-02-08.html meatballs, rat tails, and bad commercials
2021-02-07.html from the homework vault: two skits
2021-02-06.html pizza, grandpas funeral, and a chat with jon
2021-02-05.html tiny joe stowell books, hawks swag, and boeuf bourguignon
2021-02-04.html my pile of shirts, reorganizing things, and bones
2021-02-03.html a book about the reckers, a tough month, and surprise blackhawks logos
2021-02-02.html a busyness casserole, tikka masala, and robot turtles
2021-02-01.html sledding, reading while pooping, and pictures of grandpa
2021-01-31.html from the homework vault: 8th grade science fair
2021-01-30.html walkie talkies, revenge bedtime procrastination, and google earth
2021-01-29.html paper towel coffee, auditors, and a human tripod
2021-01-28.html grandpa recker, the creative process, and mac and cheese
2021-01-27.html courtney, my office mate, and chef rodney
2021-01-26.html snow, talking football with ying, and indian snacks
2021-01-25.html hotel coffee, ryan, and fish farts
2021-01-24.html from the homework vault: the count of monte cristo
2021-01-23.html the frozen lake, hockey, and tamis tank
2021-01-22.html retro
2021-01-21.html my famous biscuits, new emails, and stress
2021-01-20.html being alone, hockey nights, and marissas refractometer
2021-01-19.html body wash, working on the weekend, and switchfoot
2021-01-18.html hoppy beers, korean street toast, and shrieking
2021-01-17.html from the homework vault: the pig roast
2021-01-16.html craft beer, cinnamon rolls, and power putty
2021-01-15.html anti-jokes, snacking, and the generational heartbreak machine
2021-01-14.html little breaks, being a cup bearer, and hockey night
2021-01-13.html slow weeks, a touch of food poisoning, and liquified dinners
2021-01-12.html sledgehammers, fight night, and being called sweetie
2021-01-11.html football on nickelodeon, cheesy chicken, and fraud
2021-01-10.html from the homework vault: some interviews
2021-01-09.html streaming, shrieking, hash, and cribbage
2021-01-08.html intentional mispronunciations, smart watches, and joke fridays
2021-01-07.html cocktail shrimp, riots, and rubber dinosaurs
2021-01-06.html secret sauce, running, and poop music
2021-01-05.html dinosaurs, the toy whisperer, and peak nerdery
2021-01-04.html real new years, pizza hoarder, and my chump of the week
2021-01-03.html from the homework vault: johnny lightfoot
2021-01-02.html finger talk, spilling things, and battleship tactics
2021-01-01.html libations, rack hardware, and my 2021 resolutions
2020-12-31.html the 2020 awards
2020-12-30.html rissas sandwich, battleship, and last years commitments
2020-12-29.html gifts you hate, new years, and a joke I heard
2020-12-28.html phin
2020-12-27.html from the homework vault: eight grade grammar
2020-12-26.html my stupid finger
2020-12-25.html a frosty six pack, something mighty, and my new laptop
2020-12-24.html milk and cookies, presents, and our festivus tradition
2020-12-23.html zoom-mas, monster trucks, and feeling depressed
2020-12-22.html playing dead, dude perfect, and what rodneys heart eats
2020-12-21.html the flaming omelette, rodneys tower, and organizing toys
2020-12-20.html from the homework vault: some poems
2020-12-19.html dropping off christmas presents
2020-12-18.html zooms with santa, paw patrol conspiracies, and cilantro
2020-12-17.html movies, fixation, and my supreme pizza experiment
2020-12-16.html the joy of showering, tying ribbons, and glorias sandwich
2020-12-15.html cds, happy hour, and grill fails
2020-12-14.html being on time for church, cheese steak, and sports superstition
2020-12-13.html from the homework vault: stories about doug
2020-12-12.html snowman parts, a snowball fight, and good snow memories
2020-12-11.html music, conflict, and the tiny octopus
2020-12-10.html waking up early, the pomodoro system, and starbucks nostalgia
2020-12-09.html blippi world, lunchables, and paella
2020-12-08.html stress, secret ditka, and the mixtape track list
2020-12-07.html on-call, skyfall, and wasting time on the internet
2020-12-06.html picture day, a weird situation, and thanksgiving leftovers
2020-12-05.html santa theory, a bread disaster, and a rusty axe
2020-12-04.html the beep and the box fort
2020-12-03.html my inner monologue, sulk forts, and quarantine
2020-12-02.html wrapping christmas presents and marissas pork skewers
2020-12-01.html mondays, management tactics, and the countdown snowman
2020-11-30.html huevos rancheros, air plants, and feeling tired
2020-11-29.html the bears, my new desk, and ripping out a window
2020-11-28.html leftovers, the boys tree, and green slizzard
2020-11-27.html cheating at candy land, christmas trees, and hand-crafted christmas presents
2020-11-26.html thanksgiving
2020-11-25.html turkey war stories, playing in the snow, and a training session
2020-11-24.html turkey, poop, and chargebacks
2020-11-23.html missing cream, cutting the new table, and twister
2020-11-22.html chicken dishes and getting smooshed by christmas
2020-11-21.html looking back on drumline
2020-11-20.html code quality, sushi, and christmas presents
2020-11-19.html training, analyzing food, and paying credit card bills
2020-11-18.html the joy of sitting, shit sandwiches, and a walk by the lake
2020-11-17.html bad juju, quarantine holidays, and toy hospital
2020-11-16.html spark notes, hide and seek, and pokey bread
2020-11-15.html snacks, the virtual gallery, and a rodney time strikeout
2020-11-14.html stories about playing drums
2020-11-13.html sugary cereals and rodney time
2020-11-12.html light sabers, a fishtank update, and marissas gallery
2020-11-11.html revisions, vic berger, and deliverance
2020-11-10.html mommy blogs, choices, and buying wine
2020-11-09.html peeing on the floor and a trump-free nap
2020-11-08.html politics on the internet
2020-11-07.html looking back on my old phones
2020-11-06.html stress, six months, and feeling smug about pizza
2020-11-05.html painters, pee, the election, and focus
2020-11-04.html election stress, bossy monster trucks, and a makeshift sound booth
2020-11-03.html election day, rocky road bars, and extreme home office makeover
2020-11-02.html a new team, meeting the intern, and a stinky breakthrough
2020-11-01.html car day, halloween, and a small correction
2020-10-31.html some scary stories
2020-10-30.html my flowery coffee mug, meetings, and fixing the sink
2020-10-29.html keys to the internet, the bouncy swing, and broiled chicken wings
2020-10-28.html cleaning my cutting board, daylight savings, and rodneys dance
2020-10-27.html the bears, rodneyisms, and kanye
2020-10-26.html winter, pulling a miles, and the vitamin fight
2020-10-25.html the first snow, fridge scraps, and playing hockey
2020-10-24.html some stories about my mom
2020-10-23.html stressful dreams, red sauce, and a real life mayor humdinger
2020-10-22.html outages, quarantine boy, and my octopus teacher
2020-10-21.html flossing, paw patrol liturgy, and shared brain syndrome
2020-10-20.html life hacks, corn tortillas, and eating faster
2020-10-19.html debauchery, the political compass test, and clean-up parties
2020-10-18.html spherical pictures, free time, and talking philosophy with my neighbor
2020-10-17.html looking back on roller hockey
2020-10-16.html town halls, mushroom and cheese tartlets, and temporary tattoos
2020-10-15.html a clean fridge, french salads, and paella with rodney
2020-10-14.html old code, hy-vee, braised pork, and our knex tower
2020-10-13.html raking leaves, feeling busy, and drum lessons
2020-10-12.html snacking, frisbee trick shots, and nick jr. fan fiction
2020-10-11.html when marissa brews coffee
2020-10-10.html looking back on job interviews
2020-10-09.html woodmansed, playing outside, and the bears game
2020-10-08.html gitlab, chicken bones, and falling off bikes
2020-10-07.html broken toothbrushes, house mock-ups, and rodneys still life
2020-10-06.html an evening walk, chili, and piano lessons
2020-10-05.html a troll tooth, goat cheese, and a spider party
2020-10-04.html my nas, football, and strange food combinations
2020-10-03.html looking back on our bowling alley table
2020-10-02.html most improved baby, a lil poke, and rodneys new book
2020-10-01.html my new chair, warm bed sheets, and flu shots
2020-09-30.html stinky cheese, the debate, and being sick of my birthday
2020-09-29.html my thirtieth birthday
2020-09-28.html the bears game, crown molding, and duck breasts
2020-09-27.html my seinfeld mug, snipping at rodney, and cleaning the garage
2020-09-26.html looking back on learning to drive
2020-09-25.html playing in mud, naps, and beef stew
2020-09-24.html trump stress, paint boy, and not liking things
2020-09-23.html covid fights, bug hunts, and giant potato pancakes
2020-09-22.html old emails, sunset sauce, and the batman voice
2020-09-21.html nacho cheese, a smushed fly, and back pain
2020-09-20.html washing the playhouse, spiders, and alcohol inks
2020-09-19.html looking back on wrestling at summer camp
2020-09-18.html HNGR on the moon, papers on the ceiling, and prayer requests
2020-09-17.html coral, our last meal, and birthday cheese
2020-09-16.html sharpening knives, powernaps, and science experiments
2020-09-15.html fresh towels, movie quotes, and the prize cup
2020-09-14.html groceries, the bears game, and outdoor projects
2020-09-13.html naps, pizza parties, and football
2020-09-12.html looking back on my first apartment
2020-09-11.html teammates, meetings, and rodneys face
2020-09-10.html insecurity, soup, and piano
2020-09-09.html social security, making letters, and dirty sauce
2020-09-08.html glamour shots, grilling, and smores
2020-09-07.html partying, my plastic pitcher, and ping-pong
2020-09-06.html time management, icecream drama, and botched fireworks
2020-09-05.html looking back on starbucks
2020-09-04.html ragout, veal, and my floating head
2020-09-03.html spacing out chores, meal planning, and ping-pong
2020-09-02.html cleaning, adjusting to work, and poop disappointments
2020-09-01.html filming bread, a poop technicality, and real world algebra
2020-08-31.html christmas lights, planning a new garden, and meeting the neighbors
2020-08-30.html the cdc, mario shaming, and my sfincione speed run
2020-08-29.html looking back on dating in college
2020-08-28.html bedtime distractions, computer bugs, and the garlic stash
2020-08-27.html 1-on-1s, midwestern phone conversations, and mr. poop
2020-08-26.html backup alarms, feeling like a work alien, and my scary ninja story
2020-08-25.html emails, slip n slides, and getting my ass kicked by a frozen chicken
2020-08-24.html simulation work day and a whole year of journaling
2020-08-23.html spiders, fescue to the rescue, and orange dumplings
2020-08-22.html looking back on rats
2020-08-21.html my hand painting, the worlds smallest pool, and milk with cookies
2020-08-20.html the puke-ocalypse, the pool, and kale on pizza
2020-08-19.html baby monitors, hot oil burns, and the sleeping dragon
2020-08-18.html depleted supplies, grand slams, and the new pajama meltdown
2020-08-17.html snacking, sweet beef donuts, and what makes you mad
2020-08-16.html bolt cutters, swinging a sledgehammer, and getting things done
2020-08-15.html bacon, scalable recipes, and the wasp nest
2020-08-14.html daisy chaining, frozen chicken, and my baby fluid limit
2020-08-13.html the hole, rage monster, and garlic eating machines
2020-08-12.html the worst hose, too much garlic, and the roller coaster
2020-08-11.html more knex, tibetan food, and practice poops
2020-08-10.html preschool, ziggys birthday, and rodneys first scratch game
2020-08-09.html instruments, code, saltimbocca, and our garage
2020-08-08.html showing up with no pants, pizza, and jobsite injuries
2020-08-07.html outdoor play, fortune cookies, and card throwing
2020-08-06.html monster trucks, bluetooth, and dinner at the malthouse
2020-08-05.html playtime, bears fans, and a woman in the kitchen
2020-08-04.html dinner arguments, philly cheese poutine, and the knex tower
2020-08-03.html waking up, gumbo, and bread accidents
2020-08-02.html jenga trick shots, ibb and obb, and grand theft auto
2020-08-01.html windtalkers, french toast, ducks, and caterpillars
2020-07-31.html july, crudités, and breaking up with hy-vee
2020-07-30.html summer bedtime, coffee headaches, knex, and hash
2020-07-29.html buckets of dirt and a trip to the quarry
2020-07-28.html anger poops, espagnole sauce, and feeling overwhelmed
2020-07-27.html childrens programming, alone time, and flambé
2020-07-26.html haunty, new neighbors, and lord of the rings
2020-07-25.html knex, grilled cheese, and polishing a bowling ball
2020-07-24.html taylor swift, shrimp toast, and groceries for the job site
2020-07-23.html sentiment analysis and average quiche
2020-07-22.html quiet time, marinade, and the last temptation of christ
2020-07-21.html mosquito bites, bank heists, and pancetta
2020-07-20.html couch church, leftovers, and old youtube videos
2020-07-19.html pain, hobby highs, and new bikes
2020-07-18.html monkey patching, knife accidents, and the biergarten
2020-07-17.html swearing, rice lunch, and small writing
2020-07-16.html pocky, random pants, and remote control monster trucks
2020-07-15.html garbage, flies, and zombie fungus
2020-07-14.html wings, doctor visits, shots, and smoothies
2020-07-13.html rodneys party 2
2020-07-12.html rodneys party 1
2020-07-11.html cleaning, super hero masks, and hy-vee pickup
2020-07-10.html paella, shipping, and copyright law
2020-07-09.html rodneys birthday
2020-07-08.html curbside pickup, poached fish, and practice cake
2020-07-07.html shredhead, ebay police, and french sauces
2020-07-06.html swatch mad, sourdough choni, and hamilton hot takes
2020-07-05.html swatches, steak, the s-word, and fireworks
2020-07-04.html school, cousins, jojo, and candy land
2020-07-03.html axes, dinosaur bites, garbage, and online groceries
2020-07-02.html dead shrimp, super powers, and scary paintings
2020-07-01.html a dead car battery, hash, and bread in bed
2020-06-30.html ebay scams, cleaning the kitchen, and blue tape
2020-06-29.html movies, chilean food, and the burpee rag bin
2020-06-28.html pizza drama, rock pavers, and krang bread
2020-06-27.html paella, llama meat, and ghost pictures
2020-06-26.html american psycho, super hero poses, and network outages
2020-06-25.html farts, over-proofing, and working out with french food
2020-06-24.html alarm clock songs, hooks cheddar, and dinner prayers
2020-06-23.html quarantine blues, calzones, and my discover card
2020-06-22.html fathers day, navigation, and willy wonka
2020-06-21.html hy-vee, pull-ups in the wash, a story about my dad
2020-06-20.html skate, javascript, toothpaste dessert, and chardonnay
2020-06-19.html marshmallow incentives, refunds, and sweet potato gnocchi
2020-06-18.html coffee messes, skateboarding, and Dr. Ben Parks
2020-06-17.html snacking, sleep sounds, and the beercha store
2020-06-16.html clown fish, imitation crab, and shots at avatar
2020-06-15.html goals, expectations, and weird hobby people
2020-06-14.html a new ball, paella, and beach
2020-06-13.html a second burner, spit on the window, and the biergarten
2020-06-12.html driving, lunch in sparta, and tapeworms
2020-06-11.html super heros, phones, wrestling, and black lives matter
2020-06-10.html new phones, mussels, and spicy drink
2020-06-09.html bruno
2020-06-08.html power outages, yardwork, and video editing
2020-06-07.html social distancing visits, sock hands, and the three logos rule
2020-06-06.html groceries, the oven, and recorder music
2020-06-05.html the sandbox, sink or float, and police funding
2020-06-04.html jets, pull-ups, and salt water siphons
2020-06-03.html drinking coffee, ants on a log, and french food
2020-06-02.html skin markers, anger paintings, poached trout, and walks
2020-06-01.html looting, water testing, and high altitude goat farmers
2020-05-31.html riots, picnics, baby ducks, and half-dead shrimp
2020-05-30.html grocery shopping, new plants, and poulet creme champignons
2020-05-29.html the green dinosaur, facebook, and pooping michael jordan
2020-05-28.html the print server, types of cheese, and frozen milk
2020-05-27.html bench presses, french nachos, and the fish tank incident
2020-05-26.html new phones, skate boarding, and bad cooking
2020-05-25.html driving, gifts, the poop book, and bad movies
2020-05-24.html the quesomelette, the fishtank, and little brownie squares
2020-05-23.html saturday morning cartoons, re-opening, and bottle feeding
2020-05-22.html blippi, running guy, and a story with mimi
2020-05-21.html nicknames, shaving, quiche, and our terrible hose
2020-05-20.html fart talk, the target parking lot, quiche, and enrichment
2020-05-19.html breakfast burritos, puff pastry, and the last dance
2020-05-18.html krang, mise en place, and big fleshy bag pipes
2020-05-17.html bread success, grass seed, and quarantine anger
2020-05-16.html coffee upgrades, dressing like spider-man, and the worst pizza ever
2020-05-15.html canada man, nun farts, and bags of dirt
2020-05-14.html social distancing, space jam, and a backyard picnic
2020-05-13.html writers block, diaper angels, and roasted chicken
2020-05-12.html charles mingus, hockey with Rodney, and french cooking
2020-05-11.html pickled goods, seinfeld theory, and beer & cheese
2020-05-10.html family photos, more oven problems, and bread on the porch
2020-05-09.html sidewalk chalk, sourdough starter, and biertje
2020-05-08.html routine, oven repair, and squirrels touching food
2020-05-07.html body fluids, handwriting narcissism, and big brother rodney
2020-05-06.html nurses, zoom calls, and portillos
2020-05-05.html miles
2020-05-04.html grilling, shopping, fire, and mutant eyes
2020-05-03.html a broken oven, a grilled pizza, and worms in the yard
2020-05-02.html keyboards, story time, chinese food, and power tools
2020-05-01.html candid photos, my last work day, naps, and bad soup
2020-04-30.html old essays, sweet potato gnocchi, and bens bread tip
2020-04-29.html scripts, baseball, ciabatta bread, and walks
2020-04-28.html automation, poop stress, and too much mustard
2020-04-27.html real life, catch, and knife skills
2020-04-26.html lawn mowers, marker spears, and bib mountain
2020-04-25.html problems with focus, hat stories, and growing up
2020-04-24.html excitement, real life, letters, and krenchins
2020-04-23.html good news, raw chicken hearts, and lights at the airport
2020-04-22.html my favorite painting, bodily fluids, and leftover beer
2020-04-21.html work output, time in the yard, cooking, and tv
2020-04-20.html grocery shopping, yeast, and go-bags
2020-04-19.html marissas gallery, food ruts, protests, and baking
2020-04-18.html stick collecting, remote meetings, and bread fails
2020-04-17.html being pregnant, rodneys spring jacket, and making bread
2020-04-16.html work, bad chicken, and pooping in the potty
2020-04-15.html tv shows, parenting guilt, and speed bread
2020-04-14.html race tracks, french toast dinners, and things that make you happy
2020-04-13.html spicy jelly beans, spider hunting, and easter eggs
2020-04-12.html chicken stock, car trouble, and next years resolution
2020-04-11.html focus, chicken blood, fire lessons, and college friends
2020-04-10.html driving, kite flying, and cake
2020-04-09.html politics, quesadillas, sandwiches, and wrestling
2020-04-08.html good weather, walks, and mail-in ballots
2020-04-07.html insecurity, grocery shopping, and fajitas
2020-04-06.html trick plays, puzzles, and big bubbles
2020-04-05.html birth plans, playing outside, and setting things on fire
2020-04-04.html leftovers, catch, and eyeball touching
2020-04-03.html nightmares, markers, and waving at neighbors
2020-04-02.html blanket forts, fish bones, and tiger king
2020-04-01.html communion bread, cigars, backyard agility, and x-men
2020-03-31.html swirling oceans of garbage, home depot, and worm sauce
2020-03-30.html hash from leftovers, paint pickups, and caesar salad in the car
2020-03-29.html video games, motorcycles, and bacon (the french way)
2020-03-28.html physical distancing, public speaking quirks, and frozen pizza tasting
2020-03-27.html new desk, fish hash, and chinese food
2020-03-26.html boy shows, civil war flour, and grocery store etiquette
2020-03-25.html wednesday, donald trump, finger paints, and sunsets
2020-03-24.html balloons, breadvolution, happy hour, and creepy silence
2020-03-23.html hash, old medicine, and clothes folding hell
2020-03-22.html beer, car seats, and april oniel - channel 7 news
2020-03-21.html over-focusing, pizza with Rodney, naps, anxiety, and optimism
2020-03-20.html skipping showers, space alien miles, and a new blog theme
2020-03-19.html sandwiches, water bottle bowling, and dolphin brain
2020-03-18.html box forts, difficult conversations, and my trump impression
2020-03-17.html stockpiling, decorative letters, and a hole in a diaper
2020-03-16.html the paint store, mac n cheese, and deflating balloons
2020-03-15.html drag racing, windshield wipers, and alexs painting tips
2020-03-14.html podcaster spirit animals, pizza sauce therapy, and guilt
2020-03-13.html apple crappies, water bottle flips, and a note on hoarding
2020-03-12.html team lunches, remote work, and putting apple sauce on things
2020-03-11.html pizzas, dragon ball z, and the computer case
2020-03-10.html chili, legal training, and ollie the office dog
2020-03-09.html ollies birthday, lunch on the patio, and planning
2020-03-08.html skateboarding, new friends, and taco bell
2020-03-07.html remote work, mattress store stories, and new shoes
2020-03-06.html pizza, ninja turtles, and our european friends
2020-03-05.html training sessions, ninja swords, broken computers, and crunchwrap supremes
2020-03-04.html work, shyness, and our basement pot farm
2020-03-03.html planning, packages, tacos, and growth spurts
2020-03-02.html church from home, crass bumper stickers, fish posters, and schlepman
2020-03-01.html blueberry muffins, remote control cars, jackpots, and bad waiters
2020-02-29.html moving out, moving in, portillos, and carrot soup
2020-02-28.html locked doors, special treatment, and poop in the window sill
2020-02-27.html coffee shops, soup from a bag, and a beer with rodney
2020-02-26.html sandwiches, soup, groceries, and routines
2020-02-25.html canine sports zone, madison, and feeklejams
2020-02-24.html moving out
2020-02-23.html dog movies, salmon patties, and parasite theories
2020-02-22.html demos, goals, and movies
2020-02-21.html dreams, boy energy, and free time
2020-02-20.html 4 am, trips to the dump, and baked beans
2020-02-19.html todo lists, banana peels, grilled cheese, and concrete
2020-02-18.html wallpapers, blacklists, and snowballs through windows
2020-02-17.html morning drama, hangriness, paint, and errands
2020-02-16.html coffee in church, groceries, and nasi goreng
2020-02-15.html pinkeye, back-up plans, and white rice
2020-02-14.html subway stories, omelets, and the valentines game contest
2020-02-13.html midwestern manners, potato hype, and pictures of my sink
2020-02-12.html mac n cheese, trick shots, and indian food
2020-02-11.html de-scaling, shipping, eating out, and haircuts
2020-02-10.html paintings, snow, and goulash
2020-02-09.html alices party and the resin tent
2020-02-08.html skeleton crews, pbs canvassers, and new independence
2020-02-07.html work talk, pan sauces, ginseng, and youtube binges
2020-02-06.html friends on the computer, poboys, and swinging axes
2020-02-05.html funk, sausage, and bus stories
2020-02-04.html quesadillas, backpacks, chicken soup, and picking up toys
2020-02-03.html church coffee, marinara samples, and the super bowl
2020-02-02.html crafty fair, grocery shopping, and a good cleaning tip
2020-02-01.html work, super heros, chicken, and taylor swift
2020-01-31.html ginseng, ramen, and bonsai trees
2020-01-30.html dumplings, rodneys favorites, and the blanket game
2020-01-29.html ramen, realignment, and king of the hill
2020-01-28.html sick day, clippy, and tequila in tea
2020-01-27.html exercise, the grammys, pizza, and planning
2020-01-26.html cousin water slide day
2020-01-25.html dog parties, cloudmigos, and kelly and jeremy
2020-01-24.html cashiers, seafood stew, and kids code
2020-01-23.html bullshit, dirty water, and working late
2020-01-22.html work, football, steamed fish, and jenga
2020-01-21.html snuggling, cleanliness, energy, and pinball
2020-01-20.html bbq, naps, projects, and something crazy
2020-01-19.html cookbooks, snowballs, and bowling parties
2020-01-18.html deep dish, taxi driver, and high maintenance sore back guy
2020-01-17.html january, runbooks, roux, and waterboarding
2020-01-16.html clinics, pinball machines, and cardboard boxes
2020-01-15.html taco tuesday, pasta disagreements, and bath time dancing
2020-01-14.html salmon, poop talk, and vice president of cable management
2020-01-13.html back spasms, egg yolks, pork chops, and ethernet cables
2020-01-12.html water slide videos, snow balls, and types of bowlers
2020-01-11.html jazz hearts, snow, and a game of catch
2020-01-10.html frustration, fake seasoning, and coding
2020-01-09.html cleaning the basement, goulash, and art scams
2020-01-08.html coffee, sushi, ironman, and sorting books
2020-01-07.html old scallops, peppermint chocolate, and a glass of water
2020-01-06.html dutch grammar, projects, work, and bowling
2020-01-05.html christmas lights, cheap seats, and the sunday scaries
2020-01-04.html french toast, rodney stories, and back problems
2020-01-03.html colds, computer parts, and dinner failures
2020-01-02.html nesting, folding dirty laundry, and our awful basement
2020-01-01.html 2019
2019-12-31.html sneezing, bowling, and joker
2019-12-30.html moon, champagne, and taco t-rexs
2019-12-29.html oh the humanity
2019-12-28.html pho, cards, and sherpa socks
2019-12-27.html gold rush, takeout, gifts, holiday spirit and clickbait
2019-12-26.html naps, nvgs, bowling, and fried plastic
2019-12-25.html christmas
2019-12-24.html sons, grandparents, and pictures
2019-12-23.html grant, bears, travel plans, and doctors appointments
2019-12-22.html mixtapes, errands, roasted chicken, and splinter cell
2019-12-21.html breakfast, work, zoo lights, and sleep
2019-12-20.html corn dogs, mall santas, chinese food, and healing
2019-12-19.html work, focus, meditation, fish stew, and mussel puppets
2019-12-18.html tiredness, restaurants, good moods, and baking hell day
2019-12-17.html emotions, blame, rigatoni, and football
2019-12-16.html the gauntlet, the bears game, oil disposal, and snack menus
2019-12-15.html boogers, superstition, reocurring fights, and broken laptops
2019-12-14.html fire alarms, bubble gum dares, shakes, and christmas lights
2019-12-13.html sickness, breakfast, pair programming, and the usual suspects
2019-12-12.html boots, pizza, drowning nightmares, and eggnog addiction
2019-12-11.html confrontation and cabbage
2019-12-10.html sick days, refunds, homemade marinara, and video editing
2019-12-09.html analytics, turkey sandwhiches, cyan pepper, and recording music
2019-12-08.html chicago pop-up gallery
2019-12-07.html packing, monster trucks, traffic, and chicago
2019-12-06.html bears game
2019-12-05.html new computers, pork chops with soup, and dumb jokes at home depot
2019-12-04.html friends, idle time, and vegan food
2019-12-03.html garlic, christmas lights, and dinner at the bar
2019-12-02.html art, rest, and my mother the engineer
2019-12-01.html wet christmas trees, frozen 2, and tiny metal hooks
2019-11-30.html pancakes, driving, mixtapes, and rodneys computer fiddling
2019-11-29.html thanksgiving
2019-11-28.html coffee, brine math, hy-vee envy, and noisy dinosaurs
2019-11-27.html buckwheat, brine, dominos, and mr. bean
2019-11-26.html replacement coffee makers, target groceries, and kanye conspiracies
2019-11-25.html museums, grapefruit, and the dog that dies in remember the titans
2019-11-24.html late church, madison restaurants, and surgeon jenga
2019-11-23.html sexy chicken fingers, rodneys gibberish, and turkey brine
2019-11-22.html staycations, bars, toothless santas, and mixtapes
2019-11-21.html male morning sickness, homemade popsicles, and bbq youtube videos
2019-11-20.html corporate wisdom, phineas gage, and communist jenga
2019-11-19.html dave & busters
2019-11-18.html practice turkeys, deep fried onions, and benching mitch
2019-11-17.html video games, dinosaurs, recycling, and mushrooms
2019-11-16.html puffy pancakes, robot dinosaurs, and naps before bed
2019-11-15.html computers, evil ai, bad cgi, and kidscode
2019-11-14.html bad days, burnt rice, and the culinary gods
2019-11-13.html french cooking, missing burners, and the case from hell
2019-11-12.html late night pages, ki gong, and deep-dish pizza
2019-11-11.html driving, bears, and my chicken caesar salad
2019-11-10.html rochester, coffee, and forager
2019-11-09.html french fries, cheesesteak, and ice cream
2019-11-08.html serverless, home goods, and relaxing
2019-11-07.html power outages, rodneys terms, and Intel woes
2019-11-06.html snow, cleaning, and timezones
2019-11-05.html movember, ki gong, starbucks, and fire extinguishers
2019-11-04.html daylight savings, it, and nesting
2019-11-03.html groceries and gumbo
2019-11-02.html french toast
2019-11-01.html halloween
2019-10-31.html costumes and fudge
2019-10-30.html strongbad, halloween, green potatoes, and calendar hell
2019-10-29.html typos and kanye
2019-10-28.html groceries, bears, and pizza
2019-10-27.html squash, movies, sauce, and giraffes
2019-10-26.html sleeping, kanye, bowling and blankets
2019-10-25.html photos and debugging
2019-10-24.html home, sfincione, movies, and quesadillas
2019-10-23.html weather, tea, letters, flowers, and anger
2019-10-22.html incidents, cheeseburgers, and salads
2019-10-21.html bears, burgers, instagram, and bowling
2019-10-20.html houses, orchards, cooking, and games
2019-10-19.html hawks game
2019-10-18.html podcasts, games, and rest
2019-10-17.html strongbad, charcuterie, and drinks
2019-10-16.html surveying, stress, shyness, and hitler
2019-10-15.html cookies, land, wisdom, and laughing
2019-10-14.html tacos, orchards, nightmares, and steaks
2019-10-13.html sheds, pizza, and company
2019-10-12.html beer, ribs, movies, and games
2019-10-11.html rob, rigatoni, troubleshooting, and apple
2019-10-10.html outages, pizza, and bugs
2019-10-09.html locks, hutspot, neighbors, fences, and bladerunner
2019-10-08.html oversleeping, frustration, soup, giraffes, and chores
2019-10-07.html cooking, bears, caterpillars, and code
2019-10-06.html unpacking and movies
2019-10-05.html wedding 2
2019-10-04.html wedding 1
2019-10-03.html cars, tomatoes, movies, and weddings
2019-10-02.html coffee, hotsauce, kale, cables, and frosties
2019-10-01.html energy and bestbuy
2019-09-30.html golden birthday
2019-09-29.html groceries, chicken, anger, and wine
2019-09-28.html kanye, movies, and pictures
2019-09-27.html kidscode, tacobell, and contentment
2019-09-26.html sleep, naps, chores, and stats
2019-09-25.html writing
2019-09-24.html bears, code, and bean
2019-09-23.html kubernetes, ottomans, stickers, and birthdays
2019-09-22.html basketball, lunch, and movies
2019-09-21.html chaos, moving, arguments, and potty
2019-09-20.html staring, holograms, and hitch
2019-09-19.html outages, soup, music, and hitch
2019-09-18.html outages, restaurants, groceries, and rigatoni
2019-09-17.html coffee, fish, butterflies, and work
2019-09-16.html bears, wings, tv, and work
2019-09-15.html servers, chores, projects, and wings
2019-09-14.html outages
2019-09-13.html thunderstorms, bulgogi, and pto
2019-09-12.html oversleeping, blogging, and journaling
2019-09-11.html coffee, ideas, and music
2019-09-10.html coffee, football, code, and tacos
2019-09-09.html soup, anger, podcasts, and quiet
2019-09-08.html reunion
2019-09-07.html coffee, reunion, ramen, and pastries
2019-09-06.html bears
2019-09-05.html mixtapes, steak, and baking
2019-09-04.html cookies, training, and discipline
2019-09-03.html palmiers, tv, coffee, and planning
2019-09-02.html toddlers, oversharing, cleaning, and code
2019-09-01.html groceries, biergarten, and ribs
2019-08-31.html cops, cars, breakfast, and ribs
2019-08-30.html firedrill, gravy, sleep, and handmaids
2019-08-29.html home, eating, chores, and organization
2019-08-28.html filler, rice, mayflies, and spiderman
2019-08-27.html weather, goodfood, cheesesteak, software, and tv
2019-08-26.html gnocchi, work, and philly
2019-08-25.html nostalgia, market, and gnocchi
2019-08-23.html typing, errands, sauce, and chess
2019-08-22.html kigong, interns, busses, and chess
2019-08-21.html burgers, chores, interns, and vancouver
2019-08-20.html calendar, velcro, minecraft, and batter
2019-08-19.html minecraft, files, carbonara, and plans
2019-08-17.html picnic, pizza, photos, minecraft, and spiderman
2019-08-16.html naps, pizza, walks, drinking, and wrestling
2019-08-15.html salad, turnovers, youtube, and catch-up
2019-08-14.html computers, gravy, weekend, and agile
2019-08-13.html morning, stirfry, projects, and gravy
2019-08-12.html cooking, youtube, and being busy
2019-08-11.html cribs, files, and games
2019-08-09.html plex, cables, and strongbad
2019-08-08.html headaches, computers, and naps
2019-08-07.html salad, reunions, and time
2019-08-06.html computers, naps, and work
2019-08-05.html computers, cars, and leftovers
2019-08-04.html wandering, groceries, and puff pastry
2019-08-03.html relaxation, cartoons, and dutch babies
2019-08-02.html seinfeld, pizza, and spiderman
2019-08-01.html interviews and smalltalk
2019-07-31.html chance
2019-07-30.html chores, chicken, and routine
2019-07-29.html driving, rest, and email
2019-07-28.html hayward 2
2019-07-27.html hayward
2019-07-26.html bring your kid to work day
2019-07-25.html yaks, margaritas, and chores
2019-07-24.html beer, toothpaste, and labels
2019-07-23.html palm pilots and free software
2019-07-22.html bugs, phones, and weather
2019-07-21.html explosion, cleaning, and church
2019-07-20.html nazi zombies, lion king, and paposa
2019-07-19.html disney, sega, and lion king
2019-07-18.html sleeping in, interns, and frenchcooking
2019-07-17.html concert on the square, castiron, stuffing, french toast
2019-07-16.html anger and patience
2019-07-15.html work, busy, hotsauce, and productive
2019-07-14.html kalahari
2019-07-12.html fish, kibbeling, and brussel sprouts
2019-07-11.html books, reading, and comics
2019-07-10.html cooking, babish, wednesdays, and concert on the square
2019-07-09.html strangerthings, blippi, zoo, work, and biergarten
2019-07-08.html strangerthings, automation, and edgar
2019-07-07.html birthday, party, and hangover
2019-07-06.html party and cooking
2019-07-05.html july 4th, breakfast, python, stranger things and chores
2019-07-03.html dumplings, ruby, and concert on the square
2019-07-02.html party, dumplings, and blogging