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gallery of napkin doodles

Oppenheimer Napkin

Oppenheimer (2024)

Pizza Day Napkin

Pizza Day (2024)

Soccer With My Baby Napkin

Soccer With My Baby (2024)

Angry Pizza Napkin

Angry Pizza (2023)

Wednesday Duck Napkin

Wednesday Duck (2023)

From groceries

Sus Bus Napkin

Sus Bus (2023)

From a little sus

T Rex Napkin

T Rex (2023)

From play

Poop On Your Heart Napkin

Poop On Your Heart (2023)

From nutella

Basement Monster Napkin

Basement Monster (2023)

From basement monster

Napkin First Day

Napkin First Day (2023)

From first day of school

Starwars Napkin

Starwars (2022)

From another weekend in pictures

Better Call Rod Napkin

Better Call Rod (2022)

From covid, chair shopping, and highland park

Tender Napkin

Tender (2022)

From weekend in pictures

Knight Video Games Space Napkin

Knight Video Games Space (2022)

From burnt bread and the wrong bus

Knight Napkin

Knight (2022)

From first day of school

House Napkin

House (2022)

From moved

Uhaul Napkin

Uhaul (2022)

From closing

Tiny Charles Ming Napkin

Tiny Charles Ming (2022)

From closing

Monkey Bar Master Napkin

Monkey Bar Master (2022)

From closing

Lous Napkin

Lous (2022)

From closing